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    Brendon Urie Played With Puppies While Answering Fan Questions And He's Truly Perfection

    "I will do a dog film, a Marley and Me but opposite, where I save all the dogs."

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    Would you ever consider doing another Broadway show, and what would your dream role be?

    Since you've taken to Broadway acting is there any chance we could see you in other acting gigs? Perhaps on TV?

    BU: Well, if it involves dogs, absolutely. I will do a dog film, a Marley and Me but opposite, where I save all the dogs. That’s what happens.

    If you could have one Panic! At The Disco lyric tattooed, what would it be and where would you put it?

    Was there an audition process for Kinky Boots? And if so, what was it like?

    BU: Not really, which I was nervous for. I was flattered, that they would give me the part, but I was very nervous for it. Basically I had DB Bonds who flew out to LA — he’s the Associate Director for Kinky Boots. He flew out for two days, we did an hour each day of just reading through the script, talking about motivations; that was pretty much it. We had about a week of rehearsal teaching me the dance moves, putting my heels on, and then it was showtime. And my put-in rehearsal I dropped a glass on stage and it shattered, and my heart shattered. Hopefully that was the worst of it! No, I would continue to fuck up every night. But it was fun! It was fun.

    If you could choose one or two bands to go on tour with, who would they be and why?

    Do fans ever quote your vines to you when you meet them, and which one is your personal favorite?

    BU: Yeah! The first time I got recognized for not being in Panic!, I went to a movie, I stepped out, and these two really sweet girls came up and said, “Hey, are you that guy from Vine?” And it took me a second, it was the first time I was asked, and I was like, “Oh yeah, yeah I am! Yes I am.” And they started singing this coffee one that I had done. So that was very cool, thank you, uh, I think her name was Jessie? Thank you!

    What is your plan for the future of Panic! At The Disco after this album?

    Did you guys ever actually consider yourselves Emo when you started as a band?

    BU: No, we never did. But we listened to a lot of bands that were considered emo, so, yeah, we were never offended by it. It’s like if you wanted to call us emo, yeah, all good!

    What is the new album's over-all genre?

    Favorite Fall Out Boy song or lyric?

    BU: Right now I like “Church,” that one’s great. [sings] I get on my knees! Great lyric.

    What were some titles for this new album that you thought about but didn’t end up going with?

    What is the most memorable gift you have received from a fan?

    BU: I got a voodoo doll. Which usually you would keep the voodoo doll, but they gave it to me, of myself. So you know, if ever I feel — what is that called? “Self flagellating,” in a way, [then] I’ll just poke the doll.

    How do you cope with anxiety on stage or even during the whole touring process?

    BU: Very good question! I used to take medication, then I stopped taking it. Just came to a realization that I didn’t wanna go there. So then I adopted the art of breathing, breathing exercises. And it really ended up helping me a lot more than I thought it would, which is pretty great. So, thanks for that question — I know performing can be very anxiety-driven.

    I am dying to know how the performances differed between a Panic! At The Disco concert and appearing as Charlie Price in Kinky Boots on Broadway?

    What was your first impression of Pete Wentz? Did you think you guys would have the relationship that you have now?

    BU: No, not at all! Pete was very cool, he was in LA making his record with FOB, and I remember walking up and being like, wow, this guy looks like a rock star. And then we went back to the practice space and played some stuff. Yeah, I didn’t know what was gonna come of meeting Pete and getting signed and all that stuff, so, yeah, it’s just gotten better over time. He’s my big brother.

    Which person that you’ve met do you think has had the biggest influence on how you want to be seen, just generally as a person?

    What made you decide to call your fans "sinners"?

    BU: Again, I grew up in the Mormon church, and it was just kind of a little juxtaposed to what I was taught, that I was a sinner, I’m no good, I’m not good enough for heaven. So I just think it’s ironic, it’s funny.

    Would you ever consider writing another song with Fall Out Boy?

    How did you know that your wife Sarah was the one?

    BU: First time I met her, she was not single. And there was definitely a chemistry there. But I knew that she was down and very cool because I made her a Lunchable, with a Capri Sun, and she was totally down. It was like, fancy to her. It’s like hors d’oeuvres. It’s like a canapés. It was great.

    Have you seen Love, Simon? And if so, what did you think about Panic! being featured in it?

    BU: I haven’t seen it yet! I’m going to very soon. I was very flattered, a fan had tweeted me a synopsis of all the mentions of Panic! I remember getting the email like a year and a half ago, we had talked about it, and we signed off. It was under a different name, I can’t remember. But I was like, “Yeah! This sounds like a really cool story.” And then sure enough it ends up in the movie and like, that’s the coolest thing, that’s like, you know, the biggest compliment to receive. Especially a movie like that, that’s so forward-thinking. I love it.

    What is the last thing you do before going on stage and the first thing you do coming off stage?

    Would you ever be a judge on RuPaul's Drag Race? I feel like it would be a perfect fit for you.

    BU: Ab-so-lutely! That would be a blast, are you kidding! I would love to be a contestant on there too. Yeah, we’ll figure something out. I just would love to be in drag.

    Panic! at the Disco's new album Pray for the Wicked is out June 22, and you can check out their new single "Say Amen (Saturday Night)" right now!

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