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19 Times Blake Lively Made You Wish You Were Blake Lively

She's definitely not a real human.

1. When she made you want to start wearing headbands again.

WireImage Rabbani and Solimene Photography

2. When she was just hanging out with her BFF BEYONCÉ.

Getty Images for Gucci Kevin Mazur /Chime For Change/Ge


3. When she made this dress thing with wings look amazing.


4. When she stared longingly into her husband's eyes.


5. And he realized, "Damn, I'm married to Blake Lively."

Getty Images Andreas Rentz

And she was like, "Yep, this babe is my husband."

6. When she looked like she was straight off the set of Gossip Girl IRL.


Serena, is that you???

7. And she owned the red carpet like it was MADE FOR HER.

French Select via Getty Images, Gareth Cattermole

Wow, looks just like me when I'm walking down the street.

8. I mean seriously is this even real?

Getty Images Ian Gavan

Cool. Same.

9. And you never wanted a glittery, sequin mermaid dress with pockets more in your life than you did in this moment.

WireImage Mike Marsland

10. When she rocked the Barbie doll braid of your dreams.

Getty Images Dave J Hogan

11. When she dressed up like Carmen Sandiego and still made you want her entire wardrobe.

FilmMagic Marc Piasecki

12. When she rocked some badass rainbow rhinestone heels.

GC Images Alessio Botticelli

13. When her hair was crafted by actual angels.

Getty Images Mike Coppola

It would be cool if my hair could look like that, you know, EVER.

14. And her dress highlighted her curves so unfairly that she must have been born in it.

FilmMagic Karwai Tang


15. And she and her husband were the definition of #RelationshipGoals.

WireImage Kevin Mazur

16. And her dress-cape made her look like a badass super hero.

GC Images Ray Tamarra

17. When she rocked this hat better than anybody has rocked a hat before.

FilmMagic Alo Ceballos

18. When she kind of looked like a cake topper.

WireImage Dominique Charriau

Which made you want that dress so you, too, could look like a cake topper.

19. When she walked into fashion week looking better than anyone on the runway.

Getty Images Jacopo Raule

Gonna need this outfit please.

Blake Lively, teach us your ways.