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Ariana Grande Just Experienced A Pretty Terrifying Plane Ride

Basically, our worst nightmare come to life.

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In the midst of her Honeymoon Tour, Ariana Grande had yet another near-death experience when her plane started having some troubles earlier this week:

Ari's friend (and noted music director and editor) Alfredo Flores dished on Instagram about the intensely scary moment:

"Craziest plane ride. Altitude dropped, oxygen masks came down and the flight attendant starts frantically telling us to fasten the seat belts and put on the masks."

And while they all slightly freaked out, Ariana came to the rescue as the ~cool, calm, and collected~ one of the bunch:

"I freaked out for 3 seconds but Ari busted out the jokes quick. It was all good. We made it Houston! 🙏 "

H/T MTV News.