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Dec 19, 2017

18 Times Anna Kendrick Was Really Damn Funny On Twitter In 2017

"I've still never seen a fidget spinner in person. So I guess I've made all the correct life choices?"

1. When she had supportive friends:

A true friend will say passive aggressive shit to someone you hate so that you can keep your hands clean. ๐ŸŒˆ #Friendship #TheMoreYouKnow

2. When she created the most beautiful three-word sentence in existence:

Comes with fries #3wordsbetterthanIloveyou

3. When she had a knack for language:

So..... "I'm hearing you" is code for "I don't care, but I want this conversation to be over" right?

4. When she was relatable AF:

When I put in a new tampon and five minutes later think, "but did I take out my old tampon?"

5. When she was better than all of us:

I've still never seen a fidget spinner in person. So I guess I've made all the correct life choices?

6. When she befriended the sun:

Direct sunlight: that helpful friend who points out all the spots you missed shaving

7. When she perfected the art of listening:

( ..... I'm doing a really good "listening face" ...... I wonder what they're saying ..... ) - me all the time

8. When she became a trending topic:

Every time "Kendrick" is trending I get worried I'm in a Ghost situation and this is how I find out I'm dead.

9. When she had some beef with Samantha:

The Samantha American Girl Doll seems like a bitch. Don't @ me.

10. When she shared her love of museums:

Is a museum just an endurance test of how long you can last before you start making silly comments about the art?

11. When she contemplated running for office:

All that ornate furnishing would get me stressed. - me, deciding I probably couldn't be the president.๐Ÿ™„

12. When she was honored:

13. When she gave in to defeat:

Me: "Sorry, I couldn't hear you." Them: Me: "Totally."

14. When she was highly confused:

when I see someone going about their life without crippling self-doubt

15. When she was the queen of Pinterest:

Why do I wish for more hours in the day when I spend so much of the time I DO have pinning "healthy recipes" I KNOWWW I'm never gonna try?

16. When she was deeply concerned:

I'm gonna miss the eclipse and I'm really worried no one is gonna post a crappy picture of it on instagram.

17. When she had an existential crisis:

18. And when she was extremely, extremely disappointed:

There was a "Corgi Halloween Parade" in Vancouver today and NONE of you told me??? I'm calling the cops.

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