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Alex & Sierra Put Their Love To The Test

How much do these talented, singing lovebirds actually know about each other?

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You might recognize the crazy talented duo Alex & Sierra from winning over America's hearts on The X Factor last year. But in the past year they've taken the world by storm, gearing up for the release of their debut album It's About Us — officially out today! — and opening up for stellar artists like Colbie Caillat and Train. We caught up with the ridiculously adorable couple to find out how much they really know about each other. Here's what happened.


Sierra: I was gonna write your mom's but I kept vegetarian.

Alex: Did I spell biscuits right? I did. And my mom's biscuits and gravy is vegetarian. My mom is the bomb.

A: Sometimes she tells me that I take too long to do my hair, so I needed to have that just in case.

S: On the bus there are seven guys and one girl and they all take way more time in the mirror doing their hair than I do.

A: What did you scribble out?

S: I was gonna write that you throw your stuff around but I thought "messy" was better.


S: It was a hat I bought in New Orleans. It came with a feather. An $8 FEATHER.

A: I bought a hat too. I don't wear hats very often, I usually wear snapbacks. But I bought one and as I'm checking out the guy didn't even say anything. He just holds up a feather and I'm like, "Yeah!" And then I looked at the reciept and it was $5! So as she's buying hers I wanted to be like, "NOOO!"

S: It was cheaper than mine! He goes, "Feather?" and I was like, Ooooh! And then. An $8 FEATHER.

S: What did you have before?

A: Serendipity.

S: I was gonna put that too, as my other one!

A: Juxtaposition, I don't know. I like the 'x' in it. I'm partial to 'x's' because 'x' is in my name I think. And juxtaposition, I don't know it's a cool word.

S: He likes using large words to make himself sound smarter.

A: There's a funny quote, what is it?... "I like to use large words, even though I don't know what they mean, because they make me feel very photosynthesis."


A: You guys know he paid us to say that, right?

A: The part where it goes, "that booty, booty" is SO CATCHY.

S: That's the part he sings! It's not the whole song, he just walks around singing the parts that goes, "that booty, booty."


A: Are we talking extravagant date or just normal night out?


A: I need like three of these notepads then.

S: I wrote Beatles, however Jason Mraz is always next after the Beatles.

A: Yeah, that's true. That's accurate!

S: That would have been your other answer, correct?

A: Jason Mraz would've been my next answer of course.


A: Yep, we nailed it.

S: Oh man, started with a picture, halfway through realized I don't know how to draw something in this thing.

A: George Clooney is one good looking man.

S: I realized I don't know how to draw a fedora!

A: You ruined him.


A: I don't really use emojis, honestly.

S: When he does he'll type that face --___-- Like, actually write it out and make the mouth really long.

A: Yeah, I do that face. I do a lot of elipses in, like, in every text I've ever done.

S: And I'm always like, "Are you questioning something?" When we first started texting, like in high school, he was using ellipses. And I would be like, "Is there something left that you need to say?"

A: It flows better than a period. A period is so... that's it.


A: An ellipses, I feel like you can take a breath and then move on to the next sentence.

S: He texts like he speaks so the ellipses are the breath or something.

A: Or something.

A: Accurate! You do do a lot of GIFs.

S: So true. It's like, "wait, why are you taking 10 hours to type something?"

A: Half the time I put it in my pocket and it's just a "g" on my screen and I didn't even know!

S: And my thing is that you have an iPhone and you can lock the screen and that won't happen.

A: But sometimes it gets unlocked!


S: And that was not Liam it was Niall.

A: At least I know how to spell his name right! They both have an L and an I and and A. Their names are opposites.

S: On X Factor we sang one of their songs and I was upset afterwards — I didn't think we did very well — and Niall came over with Simon and they were like comforting me. Niall wanted to give me hug and he looked at Alex, like—

A: I'm like, BACK OFF! No, I was like, "No dude, you can hug her it's quite all right." And then I was like, "Why don't you just slow-dance while you're at it?"

S: Yeah... so, Alex... set it up. And then we took a photo so it and it was funny because Alex—

A: I was standing int he corner like that [crosses arms]

S: And I was slow-dancing with Niall. But it's OK! Because Alex made it happen.

A: I'm a sweetheart.

S: Aw, man! Yeah. I said you make up your own.

A: Oh I do. I like to make 'em up and then click on the hyperlink and see if anyone else has used that hashtag. That's always fun.

S: I forgot you DO love #hashtag.


S: The other one is just one of my favorites: when we slow-danced to no music in a field of fireflies.

A: ...And where was that?

S: Doesn't that sound completely false and made up?! We've actually done this multiple times but the one that comes to mind is Chicago because I had never seen that many fireflies before.

A: Oh yeah! Totally. I do remember it.

S: But [we both put] hot air balloon so we're totally right.

A: I don't think writing two answers is fair though.

S: I know.

S: WHAT? I thought All That was like..

A: All That, see: I watched it on the throwback channel the other day and it's not as funny as it used to be when I was 6.

S: Well, I got one right. Kenan and Kel. I knew Doug, but I forgot Doug.

A: Bringing me back.


S: But now I feel like it's bragging!

A: See that's the thing: We don't really have many to choose from here. Did I spell it right?

S: They're our only friends so it's all we have to choose from. Though we do have avocado-man's too.

A: I do love me some Dylan. He might be my other celebrity crush. Things could get weird between us.