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    18 Celebrity College Classes You'll Want To Enroll In Immediately

    It's time to add some Beyonce to your syllabus.

    There once was a time when your school schedule consisted of only the classics: calculus, American history, English lit, etc.


    But this is 2014, and colleges are boarding the pop culture train and giving you the chance to learn about some of the most important topics of our time: BEYONCE.

    Here are just a few of the celebrity classes you would *gladly* study for:

    (Full disclosure: some of these classes aren't currently scheduled, but here's hoping they bring them back.)

    1. Beyonce Feminism/Rihanna Womanism / Via

    What it's about: "Students in this class will learn that there is far more than catchy melodies to Beyoncé's and Rihanna's music. They will not be simply listening to Beyoncé and Rihanna for fun or even comparing the roles of Beyoncé and Rihanna in popular culture, rather, students will be studying how the lyrics, music videos, and actions of these women express various aspects of black feminism such as violence, economic opportunity, sexuality, standards of beauty, and creative self-expression.

    Where you can take it: UT Austin

    2. The Sociology of Miley Cyrus / Via

    What it's about: "The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender and Media will be using Miley as a lens through which to explore sociological thinking about identity, entertainment, media and fame," ABC News reported. "The class will also explore Cyrus's shift from "Hannah Montana" star to pop icon and how her on-stage antics have led to discussions about her sexuality."

    Where you can take it: Skidmore College

    3. Because Dave Chappelle Said So / Via

    What it's about: "From Hip Hop to Paul Beatty's White Boy Shuffle to Spike Lee's Bamboozled to Dave Chappelle to Aaron McGruder's Boondocks to Sacha Baron Cohen's Ali G character, black masculinity seems to be a contemporary site of massive satire. This course explores the history, style, content and movement of black, mostly male, satirical comic narratives and characters."

    Where you can take it: Vassar College

    4. Politicizing Beyonce / Via

    What it's about: "This course will attempt to think about our contemporary U.S. society and its current class, racial, gender, and sexual politics through the music and career of Beyoncé. We will attempt to position Beyoncé as a progressive, feminist, and even queer figure through close examination of her music alongside readings on political issues, both contemporary and historical. We will juxtapose Beyoncé's music with writings on black feminism and the black female experience in the U.S. (and beyond), to attempt to answer: can Beyoncé's music be seen as a blueprint for progressive social change?"

    Where you can take it: Rutgers University

    5. Lady Gaga and the Sociology of the Fame / Via

    What it's about: "Students who take the course will study socially relevant elements in the rise of Lady Gaga to her current status as a pop music icon. It will focus on the societal context of Lady Gaga's rise to fame, with students better able to engage in scholarly thinking about relevant aspects of popular culture, music, and fame."

    Where you can take it: University of South Carolina

    6. Bruce Springsteen's Theology / Via

    What it's about: "This seminar offers a theologically oriented approach to Bruce Springsteen's lyrics. We will focus on Springsteen's reinterpretation of biblical motifs, the possibility of redemption by earthly means (women, cars, music), and his interweaving of secular and sacred elements."

    Where you can take it: Rutgers University

    7. Sociology of Hip Hop: Jay-Z / Via

    What it's about: "The syllabus promises units on "Hustling Hermeneutics" and the "Monster of the Double Entendre". Assigned reading includes Decoded, Jay-Z's guide to the backstories and references of his dense lyrics."

    Where you can take it: Georgetown University

    8. Arguing with Judge Judy: Popular 'Logic' on TV Judge Shows / Via

    What it's about: "TV "Judge" shows have become extremely popular in the last 3-5 years. A fascinating aspect of these shows from a rhetorical point of view is the number of arguments made by the litigants that are utterly illogical, or perversions of standard logic, and yet are used over and over again. The seminar will be concerned with identifying such apparently popular logical fallacies on "Judge Judy" and "The People's Court"and discussing why such strategies are so widespread."

    Where you can take it: Berkeley

    9. Sean Combs & Urban Culture / Via

    What it's about: "No single personality dominated the landscape of urban mainstream popular culture in the 1990s (and since) more than producer, rapper and entrepreneur Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs. This class will investigate the social and cultural and political changes of the 1990s and how Sean Combs was catapulted to success by those changes. Through critical readings, viewings and listening assignments, the brilliance, tragedy, strategy and serial entrepreneurship of Sean Combs will be interpreted, discussed and dissected."

    Where you can take it: New York University

    10. Michael Jackson: The Business of Music / Via

    What it's about: "The class will feature a curriculum that reviews everything about Jackson's empire – from how he negotiated and his tours, record deals, and merchandising, to how he revolutionized legal practices related to entertainment copyrights, trademarks, licenses and more."

    Where you can take it: Clark Atlanta University

    These aren't exactly ~celebrity~ focused, but nonetheless some very important quality pop-culture classes:

    11. The Game of Thrones / Via

    What it's about: "We will look closely at the work of fantasist George R. R. Martin, as represented by one of his novels and the HBO series based on his fiction. Topics to be discussed include characterization, geography, racial and cultural allegory, resistant conclusion and promiscuous identification.

    Where you can take it: University of Virginia

    12. The Hunger Games: Class, Politics and Marketing / Via

    What it's about: "Using the series as a case study, this course examines the interplay of class, politics, ethics, and marketing. Topics covered include oppression, feminism, food deserts, rebellion, the publishing industry, and social media marketing."

    Where you can take it: American University

    13. Philosophy and Star Trek / Via

    What it's about: "Star Trek is very philosophical. What better way, then, to do philosophy, but to watch Star Trek, read philosophy and hash it all out in class? This course will center on topics in metaphysics that come up again and again in Star Trek. In conjunction with watching Star Trek, we will read excerpts from the writings of great philosophers, extract key concepts and arguments and then analyze those arguments."

    Where you can take it: Georgetown University

    14. Mad Men and Mad Women / Via

    What it's about: "Are you a Don, a Roger, or a Pete? A Betty, a Peggy or a Joan? Using AMC's Mad Men as a visual and narrative foundation, this course examines masculinity and femininity in mid-20th century America. We will focus specifically on the connections between postwar mass communication and formation of gender roles, consumption and cultural expectations."

    Where you can take it: Middlebury College

    15. “California Here We Come” The O.C. & Self-Aware Culture of 21st Century America / Via

    What it's about: "We'll explore the "hyper self-awareness" unique to The O.C. and analyze Californian exceptionalism and singularity in history and popular culture, girl culture, 21st century suburban revivalism, the indie music scene, the meta-series, and more. We'll go on the excessive journey of the foursome that captured the hearts of millions and changed teen television dramady forever. Get out your surfboards (or skateboards, if you're more a land shark). California, here we come."

    Honestly, the class description is so good I'd be willing to take out a student loan and go back to college just to take it.

    Where you can take it: Duke University

    16. The Theology of Harry Potter / Via

    What it's about: "No series in recent memory has captured the imagination of young (and old) audiences like the Harry Potter series. The series also stirs controversy in religious circles, particularly because of its child‐hero and young audience. This course will allow students to develop an understanding of theological concepts such as God, sin, and theodicy (the problem of evil), and also to study the literary epic genre through the lens of the Harry Potter series."

    Where you can take it: Centre College

    17. Downton Abbey and the Jazz Age / Via

    What it's about: "Camden County College will call upon the Crawley family and their staff once again this fall as CCC's second mini-course on the popular PBS television program "Downton Abbey." The class will explore the character and plots of the popular PBS series."

    Where you can take it: Camden County College

    18. Breaking Down, ‘Breaking Bad’ / Via

    What it's about: "A graduate seminar for the spring 2014 semester that will analyze the critically acclaimed series' realistic storyline, development and execution. Students must be prepared to analyze the show and its recent adaptations and cultural significance."

    Where you can take it: University at Buffalo