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We Forced Ourselves To Wear Clothes That Scared Us And We Judged Ourselves More Than You Probably Will

"This is the worst possible week for me to be on my period."

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Everybody has that one thing they're terrified to wear — even if that fear makes literally no sense. But do the things we're scared to wear really look as bad as we think? To find out, the women of Ladylike decided to face their fashion fears for a week with the help of stylist Tiffany Reese from

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Chantel is pretty afraid of showing off her cleavage:


Why Chantel is afraid to show her cleavage: I think I don't show the "Marshas" (which is what I call the girls) or display them because they are large for my body, and I don't like getting that attention.

So for the week, Chantel wore only cleavage-bearing outfits (click the photos for the full outfits!).


Freddie does not like to mess with low-rise jeans, at all.


Why Freddie is afraid of low-rise jeans: I go for pants that cover the belly button. Anything lower than that makes me stressed. I never thought about this before, but I think I hate belly buttons.

So everything Freddie wore for the week featured a pair of jeans that hit welllllll below the belly button (click the photos for the full outfits!).

Jen is not super fond of overalls, based on some very traumatic childhood bathroom experiences.


Why Jen is afraid of overalls: As a kid, I pissed myself constantly. If you were rushing to go to the bathroom as a kid, you have, like, 10–15 seconds to get everything off and sit your ass down or else pee is dripping down your leg. And if you're wearing overalls, you can't get them off in time!


So Jen got a bunch of overalls (and overall variations) to wear for the week (click the photos for the full outfits!).

Safiya's fashion fear is bodycon dresses: dresses that are skintight and designed to hug your all your curves.


Why Saf is afraid of bodycon dresses: It's more the being exposed that freaks me out. I just prefer a flowy dress, just in case I want to eat a big lunch.

So Safiya got a week full of dresses with clingy silhouettes (click the photos for the full outfits!).

Kristin's fashion fear is wearing ANY pants:

Why Kristin is afraid of pants: Besides the fact that pants are inherently terrible, I have a syndrome called PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) that, amongst other things, causes my fat to congregate around my stomach. So whenever I wear pants, it's just like, "Ugh, here's that thing I can't get rid of."


So Kristin got to spend the week locked up in leg jail (click the photos for the full outfits!):


Clothes were provided for this shoot by ModCloth!