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    14 Ways Cheese Will Destroy Your New Year's Resolutions This Year

    Cheese is coming for you. You cannot stop it.

    1. In January: You'll crave fried mac 'n' cheese to soothe your New Year's Day hangover.

    2. In February: I dare you to get through a Super Bowl party without giving in to Philly cheesesteak nachos.

    3. On Valentine's Day: Chocolate strawberry mini-cheesecake will inevitably seduce you (or mend your broken heart).

    4. In March: Cheddar cheese and beer sauced potato skins will put you under the table come St. Patty's Day.

    5. On Easter: You know full well that it's impossible for you to have ham without rolling it up with some cheese.

    6. In April: Burrata cheese pizza will keep you company while you stay up to finish your taxes/study for finals.

    7. In May: Swiss and pepper jack cheese are gonna find their way into your Memorial Day food flag, I promise.

    8. In June: Do you know what a fresh summer salad is without blue cheese? A disaster. It's a disaster.

    9. In July: Monterey jack and sharp cheddar cheese burgers are going to be calling to you during your 4th of July BBQs.

    10. In August: Nothing in your world will feel as refreshingly satisfying as a mozzarella caprese salad.

    11. In September: Muenster grilled cheese on a pretzel is gonna school you when the fall semester starts.

    12. In October: Gruyere and Emmental pumpkin cheese fondue will be haunting you all Halloween.

    13. In November: In case you've managed to fight cheese off by Thanksgiving, you will surely be undone by potatoes au gratin at T-giving dinner.

    14. In December: No one can escape from holiday time baked brie. No one.