14 Ways Cheese Will Destroy Your New Year’s Resolutions This Year

Cheese is coming for you. You cannot stop it.

1. In January: You’ll crave fried mac ‘n’ cheese to soothe your New Year’s Day hangover.

Especially since all you have to do is crawl to your nearest Trader Joe’s for these tasty mac ‘n’ cheese balls. Come on. You know you can’t resist that.

2. In February: I dare you to get through a Super Bowl party without giving in to Philly cheesesteak nachos.

Recipe can be found here.

3. On Valentine’s Day: Chocolate strawberry mini-cheesecake will inevitably seduce you (or mend your broken heart).

Recipe can be found here.

4. In March: Cheddar cheese and beer sauced potato skins will put you under the table come St. Patty’s Day.

Recipe can be found here.

5. On Easter: You know full well that it’s impossible for you to have ham without rolling it up with some cheese.

Ham and cheese are natural allies. Recipe can be found here.

6. In April: Burrata cheese pizza will keep you company while you stay up to finish your taxes/study for finals.

Recipe can be found here.

7. In May: Swiss and pepper jack cheese are gonna find their way into your Memorial Day food flag, I promise.

You’ll wish it didn’t go so well with the watermelon. Recipe can be found here.

8. In June: Do you know what a fresh summer salad is without blue cheese? A disaster. It’s a disaster.

You can avoid disasters by finding the recipe for this amazing
tulip and violet salad with salmon cucumber toasts here.

9. In July: Monterey jack and sharp cheddar cheese burgers are going to be calling to you during your 4th of July BBQs.

The recipe for this cheese pimento burger sliders can be found here.

10. In August: Nothing in your world will feel as refreshingly satisfying as a mozzarella caprese salad.

Recipe can be found here.

11. In September: Muenster grilled cheese on a pretzel is gonna school you when the fall semester starts.

Recipe for pretzel grilled cheese can be found here.

12. In October: Gruyere and Emmental pumpkin cheese fondue will be haunting you all Halloween.

The recipe is here.

13. In November: In case you’ve managed to fight cheese off by Thanksgiving, you will surely be undone by potatoes au gratin at T-giving dinner.

Beautiful, beautiful recipe can be found here.

14. In December: No one can escape from holiday time baked brie. No one.

Recipe for baked brie with jelly and almonds can be foundhere. GIVE IN.

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