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24 Problems All People Who Wear High Heels Understand

Oh, to hell with you too, shoes.

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4. When your feet hurt at work, and you walk like a kid who is pretending to play dress up.


"Hello, fellow co-worker, how is business stuff — aaaaaaaand I just stumbled into your crotch."


10. When you have to decide being between comfy in flats or foxy in heels.

16. When you're so desperate for a place to sit down at a bar that you end up just hiding out in the bathroom.

18. Being torn between keeping your heels on and having really, really dirty feet.

How drunk do I have to be in order for this not to be gross?

19. When you get hammered and decide to just take off your shoes anyway.

Ugh, I'm really sorry about this, Future Me. :(

20. When you think, "Oh, I'll just take a shortcut through the grass!"

22. When you FINALLY take your heels off for a break... and then make the mistake of putting them back on.


Why are my feet somehow two times as big and four times as painful as they were before?


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