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21 Things Only People Who Suck At Makeup Will Understand

More like mascar-y.

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3. When you see a contouring tutorial like this:

4. Your idea of "blending" eye shadows is just to put one on top of the other.

Is my eye smoky yet, or what? Isn't this what you're supposed to do two eye shadow colors?!


13. If you have ever worn fake eyelashes, you ended up looking like a crazy person about halfway through the night.

14. For you, blush only seems to come in two amounts: "can't see it at all" and "I'm about to perform in a ballet recital."

15. When you try to "fill in your eyebrows" you end up looking like you are wearing a disguise.

16. You are almost 100% sure that lip liner is a trap designed to make you look ridiculous.

Why does lip liner always last longer than lipstick? Why don't they make lipstick out of the lip liner?!

20. Even if you get the lipstick off your teeth, the lipstick STILL finds a way to get back on your teeth!

Stop trying to be food, lipstick.


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