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18 Halloween Costumes That Are As Ridiculous As 2016 Has Been

Friends don't let friends go as the BP oil spill for Halloween.

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2. Way High Patrol Man, $29.99

Chrissy: The only thing more offensive than this costume are those fake Oakleys.

Kristin: Yeah, the most annoying part about this costume is that there was definitely a way to execute this general concept without being racist. JUST HAVE HIM COVERED IN POT LEAVES. But this thing is just the phrase "Well, actually..." in costume form.

5. Adult Hit And Run Costume, $19.97

Kristin: "So what are you going to be for Halloween?" "Oh, I'm going as a tragic yet common occurrence that destroys lives and speaks to ongoing flaws in modern city planning."

Chrissy: If you want to be a dead person, go as a fucking ghost, not as "the spot where a dead body once was."

8. Teen Rapper Costume, $42.99

Kristin: Setting aside the fact that this costume is right out of the "Opinions Your Uncle Acquired After Watching Dangerous Minds Once" collection, did they really need to point out which part was the "underwear?"

Chrissy: This is deeply inaccurate. Everyone knows teen boys only wear boxers.

9. Kids Blimpz Light Up Blue Inflatable Costume, $39.99

Kristin: What is this kid even dressed as? Someone whose night of treat-or-treating will come to a screeching halt the first time they tell their parents they need to pee?

Chrissy: "What are you dressing up as for Halloween?" "Oh, just a human dutch oven fart."

11. Poop Costume, $37.59

Kristin: The poop emoji doesn't need a body, it's not like we're not taking it to Olive Garden or something.

Chrissy: They'll give poop arms, but hands and fingers are where they draw the goddamn line.

14. Earthworm, $39.99

Kristin: Yeah, this kid is toast the second his friends see him and he knows it. His face is just like, "I don't know what sex toys are yet, but I'm pretty sure that's what I look like."

Chrissy: Poor kid has no idea he dressed up as a clitoris for Halloween. :(

16. Father Pimp, $35.99

Kristin: He's a pimp but he's also a priest? And if he can't commit to one profession, does he really need to wear both uniforms at the same time? 'Cause I feel like one of his two workplaces is going to figure it out soon.

Chrissy: Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. But, like, apparently not as bad as you.

17. Men's Hanging Around Costume, $29.99

Kristin: This is not a costume. This is literally just "I'm me, plus people can see my balls."

Chrissy: Can't wait to flop one boob out of my tank top this Halloween and call it "Woman's Hanging Around Costume."

18. Bubble Wrap Costume, $19.99

Chrissy: Good for people who are accident prone, bad for people who hate being touched.

Kristin: The only connection I see between this and Halloween is that this dude looks he was brought to life by a witch who cast a spell on a SkyMall catalogue.

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