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    • kristinaf15

      I recently took my Sensory Sensitive, ADHD, ODD 4 year old on the Amtrak Autotrain because he had recently had his adenoids removed and couldn’t fly. On the way down, we were in coach, and the train left at 4pm, so I really only had to entertain him for 3 hours until we started bedtime stories. We played legos in the lounge car for two hours with other kids, watch a movie on the lounge car screen, walked the entire train (3/4 mile…he loved pushing the buttons on the train car doors)…and then we had dinner at 7pm and went back to our seats. Request a seat away from the ends of the car…but otherwise it was an awesome experience and the conductor gave us the four free seats in the front of the car to spread out until he fell asleep. As for Disney, when I told the concierge at the $80/night Ramada Inn on Jamaican Boulevard that my son prob wouldnt enjoy the disney parades and fireworks that we was trying to push me to go see (he said” dont rush to go in the morning…go at 3pm and stay for the parade and fireworks”… he said…wait…is your son sensory sensitive? “yes” he then said the most magical words of all “well then at any of orlandos lines you can go to the front of the line… just go to Guest Services and they will give you a Fast Pass. We did this at Sea World, Disney (they gave him a cute passport with his photo on it… thereby if he got lost, he was in their computer database!) and also at Busch Gardens tampa. The lines were over 2 to 2 1/2 hours long on the day after xmas, and we were able to go on every main attraction at Magic Kingdom in under 2 1/2 hours. I never would have been able to wait in even one line had it not been for this man’s insight. Thank you. Thank you. On the autotrain ride back, we sprang for the sleepcar… really fun.. he climbed up and down and up and down the bunk bed ladder. I actually think the coach seat was better for wandering around, but sleeping in a private car certainly was was like a cruise ship room…with a steward and everything!

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