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  • City Academics’ First Play Of Guy Burgess Tape

    City University London researchers Professor Stewart Purvis and Jeff Hulbert become the first people in more than sixty years to listen to the only known recording of Guy Burgess, one of the famous Cambridge Spies. During the eleven-minute, studio-quality, recording Burgess recounts the day in 1938 that he visited Chartwell, the Kent home of Winston Churchill, then a Conservative backbencher. Burgess even recreates Churchill’s side of the story with a number of amusing impressions. The researchers recovered the studio quality audio recording from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation’s archives where it has been — unheard — since it was seized following Burgess’s defection to Moscow in 1951.

  • Youth Unemployment - NEETS Figures

    The latest NEETS (Not in Education, Employment of Training) figures show a fall in the number of young people out of education, employment or training. The report includes the employment organisation Tomorrow’s People, who explain some of the key ways that they are helping young people find work. Reporter: Kristian Brunt-Seymour Camera: Nancy Fleming Producer/Editor: James Galley

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