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    25 Relatable Quotes From "Twitches" That You Probably Never Noticed Before

    “Being horrible is one of my best qualities.”

    1. "It's not interference. It's destiny." —Karsh

    2. “What’s done is done. There’s no turning back now.” —Karsh

    3. “The last thing I really need is my head flying off.” —Alex

    4. “And I thought you wanted to figure this out. We’ll never be able to control it if we don’t practice it.” —Camryn

    5. “I share a drawer with a phone book and she’s got two closets?” —Alex

    6. “The world has infinite dimensions. Well, nine, maybe nine and a half, but none is more real than another. This is ours and yours.” —Ileana

    7. “Being impossible is one of my best qualities.” —Camryn

    8. “Being horrible is one of my best qualities.” —Alex

    9. “There can be no doubt when confronting the darkness next time.” —Karsh

    10. “You trusted your powers and you trusted yourself.” —Karsh

    11. “When we put our hands together, we’re invincible.” –Alex

    12. “Funny thing is, this still isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.” —Alex

    13. “People just cannot be trusted.” —Beth

    14. “It’s not wrong to love your life and want to keep it exactly the way it is! Is it?” —Camryn

    15. “Do you have any other flavor besides sarcastic?” —Alex

    16. “That’s an awful lot of expectation on a 6-hour relationship.” —Lucinda

    17. “The only person I can ever count on in my life is me.” —Alex

    18. “I’ve got all the forces of darkness against me. My protectors are nowhere to be found. My so-called sister is dancing the night away...I’m not just going to sit here.” —Alex

    19. “Love is infinite. You can always make more when you need it. And just because you give some to someone else doesn’t mean you take any of it away from me.” –Emily

    20. “Now that the darkness knows that you exist, it will never leave you alone. There’s only one answer: total defeat.” —Thantos

    21. “Nobody messes with my family and friends and gets away with it.” —Camryn

    22. “The light will always find a way.” —Miranda

    23. The opposite of darkness isn’t light; it’s love.” —Alex

    24. “This dimension has chicken wings!” —Ileana

    25. “Yes, but it’s too expensive, which is why I’m suggesting we move to a more affordable dimension.” —Karsh