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What TV Twist Made You Give Up On Your Favorite Show?

I'm looking at you, Sherlock.

Watching a new TV series can be a serious emotional investment.


Not only are you dedicating time to every episode, but you're also getting wrapped up in the characters' lives.

Our favorite shows can make us sob uncontrollably, laugh till our stomachs hurt, or shake with that edge-of-your-seat anticipation.


Sometimes, though, they just make us really angry. The worst is when a show you LOVE delivers a twist so incredibly ridiculous your jaw hits the floor.

The Circle Netflix / Via GIPHY

We want to hear about the unbelievable twists that made you give up on your favorite TV shows.

Maybe you deleted Jane the Virgin from your Netflix watchlist when (spoiler alert) Michael came back as a cowboy with amnesia.

Michael says he can't remember if he was a good or bad guy, and Jane reminds him he was a really good guy. He leaves the conversation by taking his dog outside.
The CW / Via Netflix

Though he was supposed to be dead, Michael returned in the Season 4 finale as "Jason," a ranch hand in Montana who couldn't remember his relationship with Jane.

Or maybe you gave up on Sherlock when John Watson's therapist turned out to be the Holmes brothers' secret sister.

Eurus asks John why he never considered Sherlock might have a secret sister.
BBC / Via Netflix

Eurus Holmes also pretended to be one of Sherlock's clients and a woman John had been cheating on his wife with in order to manipulate them.

Maybe you were done with Grey's Anatomy when a lion got loose in the city.

ABC / Via Netflix

The lion belonged to a patient, who was brought to the ER after it mauled her.

These were great shows, but the twists completely derailed some amazing storylines. We want to know about the most ridiculous twists that made you stop watching (or almost stop watching!) a show you once loved! Leave your comment below, and it might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!