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    28 Gender Double Standards People Can't Believe Still Exist In The Year 2021

    "My 3-year-old son has more functional pockets in his pants than my wife does."

    A double standard occurs when a different — and often more rigorous — set of rules is applied to one group of people over another. A lot of people experience double standards based on their gender.

    I'm simply appalled at the double standards you men try to impose on us women
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    A while ago, Reddit user u/Tekstar12348 asked the question, "What gender double standard really annoys you?"

    It's such a double standard
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    Here are some of the most infuriating responses:

    1. "I got turned down for a job at the state park because it involved occasionally lifting 50-pound bags and, well, girls apparently can't do that."

    Female body builder
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    "The state park did offer me a different job, working in the office, by myself, until 11 p.m. I was 16 at the time. But hey, office work is for girls, so that's a better fit."


    2. "Going into a store that is considered 'male' (PC store, video game store, car shops, etc.) and the salesperson only talks to my male partner even though I'm the person looking for a product and I'm the buyer."

    Um, OK
    Jenny Lorenzo / Via

    3. "My daughter can do gymnastics and she’s called athletic, but as soon as her twin brother does gymnastics, he’s 'just weird.'"

    Simone Biles mid–gymnastics move

    4. "I grew up in a country that doesn’t really encourage personal vehicles. As a result, my mechanical knowledge is extremely poor. My girlfriend, whose dad is a mechanic, has tinkered with cars all her life. Every time we walk to an auto parts store to get stuff, the employees never talk to her. Even if they ask me a question and she replies, they continue acting as if she doesn’t exist and keep talking to me."

    She knows everything
    Paramount / Via

    "It’s unreal. It’s as if they don’t see her. She’s gone to job interviews for mechanical jobs where the interviewer asks her very basic and belittling questions because they don’t believe she can understand mechanical stuff. Meanwhile, up until last year, when I met her, I didn’t know what a ratchet was."


    5. "When I was little, when we were done eating dinner at my aunt’s house, all the women and girls got to cleaning while the men sat in the living room watching TV."

    Jennifer Lopez scrubs the floor in her "Ain't Your Mama" video
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    "When I asked my mom about it, she and my aunt just laughed, giving me an ‘Oh, you dumb little girl’ look. Pisses me off to think about it to this day."

    6. "Threatening your daughter’s boyfriend. This is a double standard, but it’s also just a Hollywood trope that some dads think they’re supposed to do, and it’s incredibly creepy."

    You will not take my daughter out
    NFL / Via

    "Sometimes it’s just dads thinking they’re cute when they do this, but I’ve received at least one legitimate threat from a dad thinking he was doing his dad duty. If you're actually worried about your daughter’s boyfriend harming her, then don’t let her date him. Don’t just blanket threaten a bunch of minors."


    7. "Heels are part of dress code sometimes, which is bonkers. That stuff gives you back problems if you're not careful."

    Destiny's Child all wearing heels
    Columbia / Via

    "I love heels on occasion, but as part of a dress code? Ridiculous."


    8. "Stay-at-home dad here. It amazes me how the nurses at doctor appointments constantly try to sideline me in favor of my wife, even though she repeatedly directs them to me because she works and doesn't know all the details that I do."

    I know of what I speak

    9. "When I was a teenager, I wasn't allowed out of the house to walk to the local shopping center to hang with my friends (all male). My mom told me it was because I'm a girl, and I'm way more likely to be attacked on my way. If I was a boy, it'd be different."

    Beyoncé sings, "If I were a boy"
    Music World Music/Columbia / Via

    10. "I'm a female teacher. I only know one man who's a kindergarten teacher, and people constantly make comments to him about how 'women must love that [he's] so good with kids' and he'll be a great dad."

    Do you think this is a joke
    ITV / Via

    "As if he only took the job to impress women? Nobody says this shit to me."


    11. “People will say, 'My toddler son is a little heartbreaker! But my toddler daughter will never date, and I’ll threaten any boy who wants to take her on a date!'”

    I can't, no, no, I'm not doing that, I'm sorry

    12. "Why do yogurt commercials never feature men? I like yogurt too."

    Man angrily eating yogurt
    Netflix / Via

    13. "Pockets in clothing. My 3-year-old son has more functional pockets in his pants than my wife does in hers."

    Pockets for snacks
    TLC / Via

    14. "Being a female mechanic, it's terrible when guys think you have no idea what you're doing, and they ask for a MAN to check your job."

    Madonna rests her head against the steering wheel in frustration
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    15. "One double standard that I've benefited from but I still find very saddening: guys being praised as being 'great with kids' for doing the bare minimum."

    And where will "Super Dad" be then?
    Fox / Via

    16. "The expectation and pressure for women to wear makeup in a professional setting."

    A heavily made-up Jennifer Aniston from "Friends"

    17. "I'm a female bartender who works with one other woman and four guys. For some reason, it's okay for men to 'tease' us ladies when we make drinks, but I haven't seen that happen to the guys I work with."

    Bartending women expertly pouring drinks
    Comedy Central / Via

    "I'm shocked by the number of people who want to give me pro tips on pouring beer and whatnot."


    18. "I wish it were socially acceptable for guys to hug/hold hands like girls do."

    Zach and Donald hug on "Scrubs"
    NBC / Via

    19. "I (female) used to work in a used-Lego store, and the number of guys who thought it was okay to ask me condescending questions was boggling. I actually had a guy ask me if my dad owned the store, since I wouldn't have gotten the job if I wasn't related to the owner."

    it's like sometimes people fill their minds with all these stupid things, you know?
    Cinema International Corp. / Via

    "He looked kind of surprised and then embarrassed when I told him that I worked there because I used to be a regular customer and then needed a job, so the owner hired me because he knew I knew my stuff. Stop gatekeeping toys!"


    20. "If women want to be sterilized, they need to be over 30, have children (plural), and get a literal permission slip from their husbands. If men want to be sterilized, it's no problem, and their urologists run actual March Madness specials."

    Oh my god! Seriously?
    The CW / Via

    21. "Even though I'm a grown-ass woman, I have a very high-pitched voice, and every time I go on voice chat, I get asked, 'Are you a boy or a girl?' I get taken more seriously when people think I'm a 12-year-old boy than a woman in my twenties."

    Leslie Jones on talk show saying "I'm a grown-ass woman"
    TBS / Via

    22. "My son kicks a ball and he's going to be the next Lionel Messi. My daughter kicks a ball and she's a 'tomboy.'"

    Lionel Messi stares into the camera
    FC Barcelona / Via

    23. "Medical care, especially as a woman. You can go to the doctor with severe period pains, etc., and be told it's stress or 'You just need to calm down,' yet a man can go in with stomach pain and get sent for scans/tests."

    Dr Lahiri is shocked
    Hulu / Via

    "Ten years and something like 20 doctors later, my 'stress-related' pains were found to be severe PCOS."


    24. "Why aren't a gal's girlfriends just called 'friends'? Why the need to specify?"

    Little Mix hugging
    Syco / Via

    "Guys simple call their guy friends their 'friends,' and it works just fine."


    25. "Women being referred to as a female [insert profession here]. I think I'll start saying things like 'male police officer' and 'male scientist' just to make a point."

    A scientist with sparkly glasses
    Diversify Science / Via

    26. "Women who don't interrupt or take back control of a meeting are 'timid' and 'not exhibiting leadership,' but women who do interrupt or attempt to direct are 'controlling' and 'pushy.'"

    I'm bossy, get used to it
    Netflix / Via

    "Meanwhile, men who allow others to take control of meetings are 'team-oriented' and 'promoting discussion,' while those who maintain (or exert) control are 'leaders' and show 'good management skills.'"


    27. "I'm annoyed by the idea that women are supposed to be happy, positive, cheerful, and sweet. We're supposed to talk about getting our nails done and send emojis and 'awwww' when we text to our friends."

    Jess from "New Girl" sticking out her tongue
    Fox / Via

    "It seems so phony."


    28. And finally: "I've been totally screwed at one car dealer because I'm a woman. They called the next day and doubled the offer on the trade-in when my boyfriend answered."

    I can't even
    Pixar / Via

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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