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15 Celebs Who Took Major Red Carpet Fashion Risks At The 2023 VMAs

Julia Fox's influence is everywhere...

This year's VMAs red carpet was filled with a ton of amazing looks. However, some of them were a little more experimental, risky, or unusual than others.

Here are 15 of the wildest red carpet looks from the 2023 VMAs:

1. Saweetie's Flintstones-chic bone dress:

her dress has a bone a the middrift and then at the neckline
closeup of the large bone at the neckline

2. Tinashe's fully see-through mesh dress:

pasties covering her private parts underneath the sheer slip
tinashe posing with her back showing

3. Doja Cat's Halloween decor couture cobweb dress:

her dress looks like strings of fabric to resemble a cobweb on her

4. Jared Leto's Julia Fox-esque look and silver fangs:

him wearing tall platform boots, a leather dress and a thick chocker necklace
closeup of his intense black eyeliner

5. Bebe Rexha's butt cutouts and horse tail:

the backside of her dress with butt cut outs and a long pony tail

6. Cardi B's dress made of hair clips:

a long strapless dress made of different metal hair clips

7. Demi Lovato's exaggerated shoulder pads:

they're wearing a long leather jacket with dramatic shoulder pads

8. Ashanti's turtle bra:

she's wearing a long shiny dress with a turtle print bra
closeup of her holding a purse that has a photo of her and nelly together

9. Doechii's baseball cap and arm warmers:

she's wearing a dress with a long slit and deep-v neck and back cutout

10. Jimbo's feathery pink dress and unique headpiece:

closeup of jimbo

11. Sexxy Red's giant wad of cash, which was too big to fit in her little purse:

sexxy red bending over for the camera and holding money in her hand

12. Justina Valentine's bold blue bodysuit with fuzzy wrist cuffs:

her in the outfit backstage
her posing with her back to the cameras

13. Shenseea's fancy fur coat, which is giving modern Cruella De Vil vibes:

wearing a lingerie outfit with tights and long fur coat

14. Luxx Noir London's latex mini dress and big choker:

wearing a short leather dress and tall heels

15. And finally, Lil Uzi Vert's shorts with socks and sandals combo, which is giving "American tourist in Europe" vibes:

him in the baggy outfit with socks with his furry slides

I love to see celebs take a risk and try something outside the norm on the red carpet! Which unique look do you think was the best? Share your opinions in the comments!

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