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Tell Us Which TV Show Absolutely Failed A Woman Character In The Finale

I'm still mad at How I Met Your Mother for killing off the mother just so Ted could end up with Robin.

When you've spent a long time watching a specific TV series and getting invested in the characters, it's SO DISAPPOINTING when one of your favorites doesn't get the ending they deserve.

Closeup of Michelle Tanner

For example, Penny spent the entire last season of The Big Bang Theory dealing with the realization that she didn't want kids, only to be pregnant in the finale just to serve Sheldon's character arc.

Screenshot from "The Big Bang Theory"

Or, how, at the end of Killing Eve, Villanelle finally beat the bad guys and seemed like she was going to end up with Eve...only to get shot out of nowhere right before the final credits rolled.

Screenshot from "Killing Eve"

Or, how How I Met Your Mother built up the importance of Tracy (the mother) for nine seasons, only to end the show by killing her off so that Ted could end up with Robin.

Screenshot from "How I Met Your Mother"

Which woman from a TV series do you think deserved a WAY better ending? Share your answers (and explain why!) in the comments for a chance to be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!