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What Perfectly Good Movie Was Ruined By A Last-Minute Plot Twist?

I'm still upset over Detective Pikachu.

There are so many good movies out there that have been ruined by terrible plot twists.

However, the worst kind of plot twist comes in the last few minutes of a movie.

Twist endings can derail otherwise incredible movies, like in the next-to-last scene in Us, when the family is finally driving off into their happy ending, but then it's revealed that Red and Adelaide actually switched places the first time they met.

Red looks back at her younger self

Or like the ending of La La Land, when after such a musical, beautiful, romantic journey together, Mia and Sebastian just...part ways.

Mia smiles at Seb and leaves

Or, in my opinion, the worst plot twist in cinematic history — the final scene of Detective Pikachu, when we find out that Tim's dad was actually body-swapped with Pikachu THE ENTIRE TIME.

Pikachu's voice comes out of Ryan Reynolds's mouth

We want to know about the last-minute plot twists that totally ruined an otherwise amazing movie for you! We're looking for twists that happen in the last couple minutes of the movie, people! Leave your comment below, and it might be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!