Taylor Swift Appeared To Levitate On Stage, And She Seemingly Used A Magician's Trick To Create The Illusion

    Tayvoodoo is real confirmed!

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    Last night, Thursday, May 9, Taylor Swift recommenced The Eras Tour in Paris after a two-month break. She surprised fans worldwide with a lot of key changes to her show — including literally levitating down the stage!

    Taylor floats above the stage, singing, as dancers gather around

    As part of her new The Tortured Poets Department set, Taylor performed "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?" — which includes the lyrics, "So I leap from the gallows and I levitate down your street." And Taylor took those lyrics literally!

    Taylor floats above a circle of dancers onstage

    In the middle of the first verse, she appeared to levitate off the stage, rising above her dancers.

    in a flowy dress, Taylor rises above the stage
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    Like magic, she floated above the stage. But she didn't remain stationary. She moved up and down the stage.

    Taylor floats down the runway

    She even spun around!

    Taylor spins as she floats, pointing at dancers

    Obviously, Taylor isn't actually magical (at least as far as we know), but thanks to my middle school friend's magician phase, I'm pretty sure I know how she accomplished the optical illusion — mirrors!

    Taylor on raised platform on stage in a flowing dress printed with music notes, performing with a microphone, dancers in background

    There's a science to it. On an episode of his Impossible Science YouTube series, world champion magician Jason Latimer used a similar illusion to deter porch pirates.

    Jason puts a package inside the table hatch

    In the video, he attached mirrors to a table, making the packages inside it appear invisible. Here's the full video if you want to watch him build it and explain it more in-depth:

    View this video on YouTube

    Impossible Science / Via youtube.com

    So, essentially, I'm fairly certain Taylor was raised up on a platform made of mirrors, so it appeared invisible beneath her.

    Taylor Swift performs onstage in a white dress with sheet music print, backed by dancers

    Now for how it moved around like that...that might just be actual magic (or maybe it uses a technology similar to the trackless rides at Disney Parks, like Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure in EPCOT).

    A ride at EPCOT

    Honestly, it should come as no surprise that Taylor made such big changes to The Eras Tour post-TTPD. In her 2020 Netflix documentary Miss Americana, she said, "Everyone's a shiny new toy for two years. The female artists that I know have reinvented themselves 20 times more than the male artists. We have to, or else you're out of a job."

    Taylor singing in a dramatic pose on her levitated platform with dancers behind her

    Naturally, the Swifties have been OBSESSED with Taylor's "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?" performance.


    — The Eras Tour (@tswifterastour) May 9, 2024
    Twitter: @tswifterastour

    TAYLOR IS LEVITATING #ParisTSTheErasTour #TSTTPD pic.twitter.com/H8U3PPnWdY

    — kaleigh (@kaleighsversion) May 9, 2024
    Twitter: @kaleighsversion
    Tweet from The Eras Tour Singapore announcing "The ERAS ROOMBA, the moving stage" with emojis
    Text in image: "I shouldn't be the only one who wants to get on that ride and levitate like taylor it seems so fun" - social media comment
    "you just know as soon as Taylor recorded “i levitate down your street” she said ‘i want to levitate across the stage so we need to figure out a way to make that happen’"

    You can watch the full clip of Taylor's "Who's Afraid of Little Old Me?" performance on Chris Olsen's TikTok here.

    Taylor on levitating platform on stage singing into a microphone, wearing a dramatic, flowing dress with sheet music print
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