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    23 Incredibly Creepy Encounters People Had While Home Alone

    I'm never answering the door again.

    Most of the time, being home by yourself is great. You can watch your favorite weird niche TikToks at full volume or perform one-person Broadway musicals to your heart's content.

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    However, after a while, things may start to feel a little...creepy, especially after the sun goes down.

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    If you're paranoid when you're home alone, you're not the only one. This week, Reddit user u/ThePastelShadow asked, "What is the the scariest thing that you have ever encountered while home alone?"

    Here are some of the ~creepiest~ responses.

    1. "I was in the shower when I heard the door to my apartment being unlocked. My husband wasn't due back for several hours."

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    "Turns out it was the skeevy building manager snooping around people's apartments when he thought they were not home. I reported him to the company that owned the building, but nothing ever came of it. We moved out shortly after."


    2. "I was taking a nap in my apartment under blankets in my bed when I heard the door open. Thinking it was my husband, I ignored it, but about five minutes later, I heard several female voices."

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    "I’m thinking I’m dreaming so again, I ignored it. The voices got louder, and suddenly my bedroom door opened. I freaked out and bolted upright in bed. Three women were in my apartment: two young, one older. I shrieked! They shrieked! They ran out of my apartment! It turned out that the management company showed the wrong apartment available for rent that day. I got an apology and a bouquet of flowers."


    3. "I was 19, living in an unfinished basement in a bad part of town. It was summertime, and I had no AC, so in my closet, there was this massive window that I had open. I worked third shift as a line cook, so I returned back to my place around 3 a.m. and started making some dinner. I heard a noise come out from the window."

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    "I thought it was my TV for a second, so I didn't think anything of it until I heard scratching then a loud groan. A man’s voice followed, saying, 'Help me, man,' and I immediately panicked. He was yelling at me, calling me all sorts of names. I ran to my window, locked it, then sprinted upstairs to wake up my landlord. We stayed inside, watching from the window while police/ambulance arrived. Apparently, it was a guy on drugs who walked a block with his bone sticking out of his thigh."


    4. "I was woken from a deep sleep by the most horrifying high pitched howling noise. We lived deep in a wooded area, and I was familiar with sounds like foxes barking or even fisher cats screaming, but this was eerie and didn't sound like an animal."

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    "Then it came from the other side of the house, but there was no sound of anything walking. You know how your mind isn't really logical when you first wake? I was convinced it was some terrible otherworldly creature. In the morning, I checked some online recordings of sounds to figure it out. It turned out to be a tiny harmless screech owl. The little guy can make some demonic sounds, though!"


    5. "I was maybe 11 or 12 and was home alone one winter day. The desktop computer I was using shared a wall with our (unheated) garage. The house was so quiet you could hear a pin drop."

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    "All of a sudden, this boom erupted from the garage that shook the wall. It honestly sounded like a bomb went off. Twenty minutes later, after hiding behind the couch and getting my heart rate down, I finally went to inspect. A two liter Sprite bottle had frozen and exploded off the shelf."


    6. "The first night alone at my new house, a dude tried scouting around my home looking for a way in."

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    "I flipped on all the lights and ran downstairs as loudly as I could, holding a plastic tomahawk in one hand and my phone dialing 911 in the other. He never actually got inside the house, but it was terrifying, especially since it was literally my first night of living on my own."


    7. "My husband was out of town, so I had gone over to a friend's house for dinner. I got home a little after 10 p.m., pulled into the garage, and stepped out to grab my purse. I turned to head into the house, and standing halfway down my driveway was a strange man I had never seen before."

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    "He just stood there staring at me and didn’t say anything, so I stood there frozen staring back at him. Then he slowly began to walk towards me, and since I still had my car door open, all I could think to do was to reach in quick and shut the garage door. The door started to close, and he turned away to start walking away.

    Unfortunately, in my panic I hit the button too many times, and the door stopped and started to reopen. He was still about halfway down the driveway and then quickly turned and started running full force right at me when it started to reopen. I hit the button two more times, and the door went back to closing. When it was halfway closed, I saw his feet stop short right outside the door and stay there while it closed the rest of the way. All he would've had to do was stick a foot forward, and the door would have reopened again, but he didn’t."


    8. "I was babysitting for a family I was unfamiliar with. The kids went to bed, and I started to hear speaking from another room."

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    "Not just speaking, but this low, almost demonic voice speaking to another one. I'm not a religious sort, but when you realize that no, you're not just hearing things and there's definitely a voice, it's more then a little creepy. Not knowing what was going on, I slowly crept up to the doorway of the sitting room then peered around the corner.


    Furbys suck."


    9. "I was probably about 12, newly allowed to be home alone for a couple hours over the summer. A man was walking through my fenced-in backyard, and he walked right onto my deck to the back window."

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    "My dog was barking with her hair standing up. I had no way out of the house or to the phone without this man seeing me in the window. So I was behind the couch waiting for him to break in when I saw him exit my yard through the gate. I immediately called my mom almost in tears, and she said, 'Oh I forgot to tell you the gas meter guy was coming.' Of course the gas meter was right next to the window my brother and I always used to 'break in' to our own house when we forgot our keys."


    10. "I was babysitting my little sister. We were both watching television. All of a sudden, I heard gun shots and bullets ricocheting from the window security bars."

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    "A moment later, I heard moaning and screams coming from my front door. It was a drive-by shooting. Three teenagers were shot and managed to crawl to my door seeking help. As a 14-year-old at the time, it was something I was definitely not prepared to handle."


    11. "I was home alone since my husband was away on deployment. One night as I was falling asleep, both my dog and I heard someone on the porch walking around. My dog flipped out, and I decided to go downstairs."

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    "I grabbed my gun out of the safe and headed downstairs. About two-thirds of the way down, I saw the man through the front door windows. We locked eyes, and he said, 'Let me in.' I told him that he needed to leave. Again, he said, 'Let me in.' I told him he needed to leave and that I was calling the cops. 'Let me in.' I told him that I had a gun. He said, 'So do I,' and he lifted up a gun and aimed it at me. I fired my gun through the window but missed him. He ran off. The cops found him a few blocks from my house a little bit later. His gun ended up not being loaded."


    12. "I was 11 and home alone. I got out of the shower to discover my house had been broken into."

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    "A teen from down the street and his sister were in the living room ransacking the place. My dad kept one of those glass door gun cabinets at the end of the hall by the bedroom door. I took out the first gun I could grab and yelled at them. The dude turned around with a knife but dropped it and ran when he saw the rifle. The coward shoved his sister down as he bolted back out the door. The girl stayed on the ground screaming as I called the cops. They both got arrested over a pocket full of change the guy had shoved in his hoodie. This was in the '90s in Texas, and my mom was more pissed about the broken door and them touching her change jar than anything."


    13. "We had just moved into our brand new home, and my husband went out to pick up dinner. I was just setting up our TV when all of a sudden a man came down the stairs."

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    "I screamed at the top of my lungs and ran for the front door. He screamed at the same time. Thankfully the neighbors next door were outside. I squeaked out that there was a strange man in my house. He came out of my house, and it turned out he worked for the development and had been fixing an upstairs bathroom. My husband forgot to tell me he was there."


    14. "I was in the midst of a lot of writing. I was trying to write a book — it was a whole thing. I was in the ZONE — both from writing and the weed. It was probably half past midnight, and I was pounding away on my work, totally engrossed. Then there's a knock on the door, and it's what I'd call the 'cop knock' — really loud and abrupt."

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    "I assumed it was a friend of mine checking on me because I'd gotten so reclusive with my project. So I got PISSED at the interruption. I did not think at all. I jumped up in a mini-rage, rush the few feet to the door in a moment, and I just flung the door wide open and shouted, 'WHAT?!' The dude on my little stoop was probably 5'8 and skinny, and his eyes were super, super red. I equaled roughly at least two of him, if not a little more, size-wise. He took a step back when the door opened then just stared at me like a deer in headlights. So I added, 'Can I help you?' with as much vitriol infused as possible. The dude's eyes darted around, then he just went, "... N-no..." and turned to walk away, trying to collapse in on himself like a dying star. He was probably planning to stab/rob me. The only reason I got through that night was because I happen to be a very frightening ogre when I feel like it."


    15. "Our garter snakes had gotten out of their cage. We searched everywhere but couldn't find them. Finally my husband went to bed, and I stayed up watching TV for a while."

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    "We had one of those gigantic old console TVs we had gotten when someone was throwing it out. Suddenly, one of the dust-covered wires came slithering out from behind the TV. I had read Stephen King's Dolores Claiborne not too long before, and in that book the old lady thinks the wires in her house are coming alive. I had a moment of [thinking], 'holy crap, it's actually happening!' before I realized it was one of the snakes."


    16. "I moved into a house at the beginning of last year and decided I wanted to get a security system. I got one that included cameras, door and window sensors, motion detectors, etc. On my third night in the house, at about 2:30-3:00 a.m., the alarm started blaring, and I remember jumping out of the bed in a panic."

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    "I couldn't believe my luck that I was really getting robbed, and a lot of stuff was still in moving boxes for the guy. I turned off the alarm, grabbed my gun, and cleared the whole house. There wasn't a sign of entry anywhere to be seen. It turns out that one of the sensors I put up wasn't secured properly, so it fell off the door and assumed that the door was 'opened' in the night. I felt really stupid after that."


    17. "I was babysitting for a family that lived in my neighborhood, and I was probably about 13/14. As I was getting the two little boys ready for bed, there was a knock at the door."

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    "It was dark and late. I was instantly on alert because I knew it wasn't the parents because they would come through the garage. I looked through the peep hole in the door, and no one was there. I walked away because I was not about to open the door to check and just hoped it was a weird fluke and I was hearing things. Thirty second later, there was another knock at the front door. This time when I looked through the peephole someone’s hand was covering it. I heard, 'Let me in!' in a deep voice. Instant panic. But I tried to stay calm because two little ones were depending on me. I ran around the house locking back doors and sliders. I then told the boys we’re gonna play hide and seek. I told them we’re gonna practice first and I put them in the bathtub, closed the curtain and closed the bathroom door. I told them not to say anything until I come and find them. Someone was banging on the front door with fists. Nightmares from America’s Most Wanted were flashing through my head. I headed to the house phone, about to call 911. As I am dialing it, my older male cousin popped his face into the window by the kitchen and started busting up laughing."


    18. "One summer after all my roommates went back home, I was living alone in a college apartment complex. One night, I decided to go to the bars and then Uber home. I stepped out of the Uber and started walking up the stairs to my apartment when two men came down at the same time."

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    "They approached me and started complimenting me, asking for my number and where I was going. I brushed it off but really had nowhere else to go other than in my apartment since my car keys were in there, so when I reached the door, I was like 'Oh my boyfriend lives here, he's inside waiting for me.' One of them said, 'No, you don't have a boyfriend... we've seen you alone,' which was a major red flag.

    The next night, I was laying on my couch watching TV when I started to hear the door handle rattle. Then it sounded like someone was pushing on the door. I tiptoed to the kitchen and grabbed the biggest kitchen knife I could find. I went towards the door to look through the peephole at a distance. It was the two guys from last night. Now, I'm a pretty petite female, so I knew that I was no match. The two of them started knocking really loud and yelling that I needed to open the door. I ran to the end of the hallway and called 911. About 15 minutes later there was another knock at the door, and it was the cops, they let me know that they searched the whole complex before coming over but couldn't find the two guys but had seen similar reports of harassment and break-ins in the area from other females and lectured me about how I should have reported it sooner. Needless to say, I went home for the rest of the summer and didn't come back until it was time to move out."


    19. "I was at a friend's house watching her cats, and suddenly someone stood on the balcony, right when I walked down the hallway. "

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    "I stopped dead and stood frozen for minutes, heartbeat up in my throat. Turns out it was my reflection....It took me a solid 10 minutes to realize."


    20. "When I was like 11 years old, I was home alone one day during the summer, just watching TV while eating Skittles. I liked to put a bunch in my mouth and make like a Skittle ball that I would chew on. Something on the show I was watching made me laugh and I swallowed the ball, which got lodged in my throat."

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    "I then experienced a few seconds of sheer terror because I realized that there was nobody here to help me at all, and I was probably gonna die. Thankfully, I remembered some cartoon or movie where someone jammed their stomach on a chair and got something unstuck from their throat. So, I lunged at the corner of the recliner as hard as I could with my stomach, and it actually worked and popped the small ball out."


    21. "I was in the shower when I heard loud banging outside. Panicked, I shut off my shower and tried to figure out what to do."

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    "I wrapped myself in a robe and peeked out my bathroom door to see that my building's superintendent had taken a hammer to the latch lock and completely ripped it off the wall to get in. When I asked him what he was doing, he claimed he had to change the air filters. They were supposed to text or call when they wanted to enter. That wasn't my first or last run-in with him. It's so scary when creeps have keys to your home."


    22. "My house is on a high street, so it’s not unusual to have a lot of people passing and activity going on. Earlier that day, I had answered the front door for a delivery, unlocking it to do so, then got on with whatever I was doing after that. Much later in the day as it was getting dark, I was upstairs in my bed watching Netflix when I heard the front door open."

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    "I assumed it was my mum coming home from work because it was around the right time. Spoiler alert — wasn’t mum. The first thing that tipped me off to something being strange was the fact I couldn’t hear her keys. She has a ridiculous amount of keys that you can hear a mile off, and she’s always struggling with them. Then I didn’t hear her opening the door to the living room as she would usually do. Then the third thing that made me just freeze was the sound of footsteps very slowly and carefully coming up the stairs, heavy-sounding footsteps that very obviously didn’t belong to my relatively small mum.

    So I was lying in my bed learning the meaning of being paralyzed with fear when a big man's head appeared around my door. I can only assume he was as shocked to see me as I was to see him because the next thing I heard was, 'sorry, wrong house' before he hauled himself down the stairs a damn sight quicker than he came in."


    23. "I was home alone at my dad's rural farm, washing dishes in my pajamas, and all of a sudden I noticed that a semi has pulled into the road leading up to the house."

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    "I didn't think too much about it until I noticed that it has fully parked across the driveway, and there was a man knocking on the kitchen window and asking me to come out. He apparently needed help backing up around the corner at the crossroads and wanted me to come out there and help him. I yelled that if he needed help that he could call the sheriff. When he tried to come into the house, I brandished a gun at him and screamed at him to get off my land. He did leave, and thank goodness, because that was an unloaded gun, and he was a lot bigger than me."


    Note: Some submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.