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    26 Horrible Assumptions Americans Have Made About Other Countries, According To Non-Americans

    "Africa is not a country."

    Some Americans tend to see the rest of the world through red, white, and blue–colored glasses. This has led to a lot of ridiculous assumptions and harmful stereotypes regarding other countries.

    Reddit user u/annonymous1_s asked, "Non-Americans of Reddit, what is one thing Americans assume about you, your country, or your culture that is completely wrong?"

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    Here are some of the top answers:

    1. "That lederhosen are a thing in Germany. No one walks around in lederhosen except in Munich on Oktoberfest or tourists.

    Man standing on a mountain wearing lederhosen
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    "I live in the north of Bavaria, and I've seen actual Germans wear lederhosen like twice in my life."


    2. "My American ex-boyfriend and his friends assumed that I could tolerate way more alcohol than they could because I'm Belgian.

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    "Well, I don't drink, and a lot of people I know don't drink or don't even like beer. Also, people who are into beer here don't drink it like lemonade. It's a thing you gotta drink with respect."


    3. "I'm Muslim from an Arab country, and I've had times where people think I'm a terrorist or think I have a weapon in my pants whenever I'm reaching into my pocket for my phone.

    Jessica Kellgren-Fozard / Via

    "It's still not as bad as the times we've had someone say, 'Stop speaking in Islam and speak in English.' I speak both English and Arabic pretty well, for the record."


    4. "Africa is not a country. Most countries here are different from each other.

    A map of Africa
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    "Remember this: No one speaks African."


    5. "It's annoying to hear Americans pronounce the names of the countries Iran and Iraq as if they're names of Apple products."

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    6. "Americans think that South Africa is dirt roads and mud huts in the grasslands with large animals roaming freely. We have big, very modern cities.

    Modern cityscape of Johannesburg
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    "We also have highways with everything from beat-up old Toyotas to the newest Ferraris sharing road space. We have skyscrapers, apartment buildings, and suburbs with picket fence houses. Also, we have a very diverse population."


    7. "I’m British, and we’re not as posh as Americans think we are."

    8. "I'm from the Netherlands. We're so much more than just Amsterdam. We really don't smoke as much weed as people think.

    Ultra Music / Via

    "We do get around on bikes most of the times."


    9. "They assume that just because it's a Middle Eastern country, it's similar to Saudi Arabia. I'm from Bahrain and a woman. We've been allowed to drive since the '50s, if I'm correct.

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    "We don't have to cover our hair, and there's no dress code. There's also pork and alcohol available."


    10. "That everything in Australia will kill you.

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    "Yes, this is a strange, prehistoric land, but 85% of us live in fairly dull urban areas."


    11. "Americans seem to think Canadians are all really nice, polite, mild, passive people."

    CBC / Via

    "Maybe we are more easygoing than some, but we have selfish assholes and entitled pricks here, too. I’m sorry if that bothers you, eh."


    12. "For the last time, in Ireland we don’t only eat potatoes and drink Guinness.

    "St. Patrick was not a leprechaun, and Jacksepticeye is not the overlord of us!"


    13. "I'm from Scotland, and most Americans assume that we're forced to live without guns so that our government can kill us...completely unaware that guns are legal here and over 99% of licenses are approved. It's our police who aren't allowed guns, not the people.

    Disney / Pixar / Via

    "They're only allowed to carry if they're responding to an incident in which a gun was specifically mentioned. We can get a gun for just about any reason other than self-defense."


    14. "As a Norwegian, this doesn't apply to just Americans but to multiple parts of the world. We're an oil nation, so certain people have this thought that we're all super rich, like closing-in-on-millionaire rich.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    "That's not true. Granted, we have a lot of social welfare options and a lot of 'free' things, but that's not because of individual wealth but because of the taxes. Most Norwegians live their lives about as regularly as everyone else."


    15. "Italian here. They think that when we speak English, we get that Super Mario accent.

    Nintendo / Via

    "I've never heard someone speaking like that in real life. Yeah, some of us have a really thick accent, but we just tend to pronounce open vowels."


    16. "Outback Steakhouse has pretty much ZERO to do with Australia.

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    "We don't drink Fosters. We don't call prawns shrimp."


    17. "I'm Russian. People assume that we all drink vodka and have bears walking around the city."

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    18. "I've lived in Brazil for about two decades, and I've never seen a monkey. Brazil is not only Rio and the Amazon rainforest.

    Scene from Rio de Janeiro and shoreline with statue of Christ the Redeemer in the foreground and mountains in the distance
    Yuri De Mesquita Bar / Getty Images

    "Continental Brazil literally has about the size (and diversity) of the continental US plus Alaska and Hawaii, and just as the US is not only New York and Texas, we have so much more to see."


    19. "I’m Welsh, and apparently we all love sheep. They’re not THAT common.

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    "Sure, if you go in the country, that makes sense, but if you live by the sea, you probably won’t see many."


    20. "Americans somehow think that Czechia is still Czechoslovakia.

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    "No, we really aren't. It's been 28 years."


    21. "For the last time, we Swedes do not talk like the chef from The Muppets."

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    22. "As a French person, something that I always hear concerning the country is that it's inhabited by rude, selfish, and annoying people who always complain.

    Pop TV / Via

    "I mean, it's a thing, yes, but many foreigners just take a look at how some people are in Paris, and they assume that at least 90% of the French population is like that."


    23. "Most Americans think that the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina is still going on and that it's dangerous to go here. FYI, the war ended 26 years ago, and there is virtually no danger here."

    Waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Federica Gentile / Getty Images

    24. "Most people in Colombia know nothing about cocaine or how much it costs. I couldn't even tell you where to get it from.

    Paramount Pictures / Via

    "Also, many people here were not directly affected by the violence during the cartels."


    25. "That I come from South Africa, New Zealand, or Australia. I come from the UK, but I have a northern accent.

    NBC / Via

    "We don’t all speak like the queen."


    26. "They don't assume anything about Bosnia and Herzegovina because they barely know we exist."

    Starz / Via

    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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