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    Julia Fox's Daring Oscars Afterparty Look Has Me In A Chokehold, But Especially Her Human Hair Clutch

    I guess now she's Rapunzel's muse...

    Actor and model Julia Fox is known for her unique fashion choices — such as this men's tank top that she DIY'd into a crop top and skirt set.

    Julia standing outside while wearing a crop top and skirt with leather boots and leather gloves

    Or there's the pair of high-waisted jeans that she transformed into low-rise jeans and a denim bandeau.

    On Sunday, Julia brought her daring sense of style to the Vanity Fair Oscars party with this Han Kjøbenhavn grip dress.

    Julia wears a floor-length leather strapless dress that looks like its choking her, she also has long gloves and a clutch made of human hair

    Closer up, you can tell exactly why it's called a grip dress.

    The neckline of the dress is a hand so it looks like Julia is being choked

    However, her interesting neckline isn't what has me in such a chokehold — it's actually her bag.

    On the red carpet, Julia told Vanity Fair that her clutch was decorated with what appeared to be "real human hair."

    She later confirmed it on Instagram, writing, "The human hair bag is by [Charlie Le Mindu]."

    Charlie Le Mindu wearing a jean jacket with drawings all over it and some cameo pants

    Le Mindu is an avant-garde hair stylist and costume designer who has created a number of ~hairy~ looks for Lady Gaga.

    Lady Gaga with her signature hair bow from her early days

    However, it's also possible that Julia's bag actually isn't made of human hair. Back in 2019, Le Mindu released a capsule collection of bags made with artificial hair in collaboration with dancer Emilie Fouilloux.

    Well, Julia's choice of clutch is definitely pretty hair-raising...I don't think this is a trend I'll personally be tangled up in, but I'm impressed by the way she always hairs to be different.