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    I'm Pretty Sure These 21 Signs Aren't School Board Approved, But I'm Laughing Anyway

    Do I get detention for laughing?

    School faculty can be great people who pour their hearts into their students' educations, but some also make questionable or ill-advised decisions — including when it comes to the signs they hang in their halls.

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    Here are 21 school signs that should send their principals straight to detention:

    1. This sign, which was probably made by someone who couldn't survive 30 seconds in a tournament:

    2. This sign, which definitely isn't D.A.R.E. approved:

    3. This inappropriate vocab lesson:

    4. And its friend, with a Jake Paul twist:

    5. This weird way to further the environmental cause:

    6. This blood drive sign that might actually be for the new vampire cult on campus:

    7. This puzzling paradox:

    8. If only there was a way to avoid the situation that created a need for this sign altogether:

    9. This sign from a school that needs to believe in its students more:

    10. This sign with a slightly threatening aura:

    11. This error-riddled sign in a teacher's lounge, which was promptly corrected (probably by the English teacher):

    12. This devious lick:

    13. This sign made by a teacher who sounds like a total joy:

    14. This school that has low expectations:

    15. This totally encouraging message:

    16. This sign, which sounds like a male author trying to write a female character:

    17. This misleading math tutor ad:

    18. This unnecessarily anxiety-inducing sign:

    19. This headache of a sign:

    20. This well-intentioned but not well thought out COVID safety sign:

    21. And finally, this terrifying sign in the woodshop: