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    26 Disappointed Shoppers Who Thought They Were Getting A Great Deal But Brought Home A Big Ol' Bag Of Scams

    I'll be seeing #13 in my nightmares.

    Like most people, I love a good bargain, but let's be real — the quality of your purchase can be a real gamble.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    While these purchases can be disappointing, they can also be kinda hilarious. So, without further ado, here are 26 times people went for a bargain brand and honestly got what they paid for:

    1. This robot vacuum that doesn't vacuum, but it does kinda suck:

    2. This not-quite-Gucci bag:

    3. This bootleg Yankees hat, which I dare you to DIY yourself:

    4. These gloves from Mike, where the slogan is "Just Don't Do It":

    5. This Nintendo Switch case that must've gotten "swtcihed" before shipping:

    6. These beefy earbuds:

    7. This poor little Pikachu:

    8. This baby blobfish:

    9. His ugly cousin:

    10. These ~unique~ chips:

    11. This bootleg copy of Harry Potter and the Trucks of Transfiguration:

    12. These gamer socks:

    13. This terrifying PlayStation 2 game:

    14. These AppiePod Pros:

    15. These questionable trading cards:

    16. This freak — I mean Pikachu:

    17. These Faux-venger minifigures:

    18. These magical bottles of disappointment:

    19. These not-so-fancy chocolates:

    20. This Spider-Man backpack from somewhere else in the multiverse:

    21. This thrilling Stranger Things prequel:

    22. This Nutella wannabe:

    23. Yet another creepy knockoff Pikachu:

    24. This double-V D-40:

    25. You're not you when you're hungry, and apparently Snickers aren't themselves either:

    26. And finally, these "designer" boxers:

    H/T: r/crappyoffbrands