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    Disneyland's "Super" COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Site Is Open, And Here's What It Looks Like Inside

    Spoiler alert: Goofy won't be administering vaccines.

    Ten months into its pandemic-related closure, Disneyland announced it would open as the first "super point of distribution (POD)" for the COVID-19 vaccine in Orange County.

    Mickey Mouse head painted into a lawn at Disneyland

    People jokingly speculated receiving the vaccine at Disneyland would give them superpowers.

    How you get the vaccine at Disneyland.#Disneyland

    @San_jay_Rathlee / Marvel / Via Twitter: @San_jay_Rathee

    Others wondered if their favorite characters could be a part of the process.

    Since Disneyland is going to have a vaccination site I think it only makes sense to have baymax to give the vaccines

    @Abel_0888 / Disney / Via Twitter: @Abel_0888

    However, since the scope of the vaccination effort is so massive, the operation at Disneyland is all about efficiency.

    Tents set up in a parking lot

    The super POD began operating on Wednesday, Jan. 13, in Disneyland's Toy Story parking lot.

    the resort bus lot transformed into a vaccination site

    As the line stretched down the street, those awaiting their turn were greeted with Incredibles-themed banners encouraging face coverings and hand washing.

    a lot of traffic en route to Disneyland

    Inside the POD, the line stretched...

    people line up single file

    ...and stretched...

    ...and stretched, rivaling the Stretching Room that welcomes guests into the Haunted Mansion.

    the line stretches past the sign for the shuttle buses

    The lines were super long, but the vaccine was more worth the wait than any ride or churro could ever be.

    people wait in chairs they brought

    The city of Anaheim encouraged people to wait in their cars before their appointments.

    It’s warming up here at the @Disneyland vaccine Super POD site. When you arrive, stay cool in your car until 15 min before your apt. Line up 15 min before your apt. Bring water, compact chairs ok.

    @City_of_Anaheim / Via Twitter: @City_of_Anaheim

    At the front of the line, they had their temperatures checked.

    an Anaheim fire and rescue officer gives a temperature check

    Here's what it looked like inside the tents:

    people are seated inside the tents as their vaccines are administered

    After receiving the vaccine, people seemed really happy.

    a newly vaccinated man throws peace signs in the air gleefully

    Like, REALLY happy.

    a woman makes a heart with her arms outside the distribution site

    I, too, would be ecstatic to receive the vaccine at the Happiest Place on Earth.

    women throw their arms in the air in joy

    According to Do, the Disneyland vaccination site will be able to vaccinate more than 7,000 residents every day.

    That's all we know about the Disneyland vaccination site so far, but it's good to see the park moving toward a rebrand as the Healthiest Place on Earth.