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    20 Times People On Depop Were Absolutely Wild

    A selling app with free entertainment.

    From Mercari to Facebook Marketplace, selling apps have become quite a popular place for online shopping.

    One of my favorites is Depop, and not just for its great deals and tailored recommendations.

    The Depop explore feed offers recommendations based on the user's interests, as well as the things the editorial team loves.
    Depop / Via

    The app is amazing for finding secondhand items, vintage clothing, and handmade pieces. However, you're also bound to run into some, ahem, unique listings on your searching spree. The entertainment factor is enough to keep me scrolling, even when I don't plan on shopping. Some of the listings people find or messages they receive are so wild that they feel compelled to share them with the rest of the internet.

    So, without further ado, here are some posts about Depop you need to see to believe.

    1. This seller stooped pretty low.

    theres a bit of limbo regional champion 2012 inside all of us from Depop

    2. This entrepreneur hustled to get their education.

    This one got me 😂 from Depop

    3. This scammer got called out.

    4. This buyer found a new friend.

    Guys I think I’m gonna buy it, what do y’all think. ☺️☺️✨🧿💝💖 from Depop

    5. This one purchased from a clumsy seller.

    6. Roald Dahl went skirt-shopping.

    what up it’s Role Dahl from Depop

    7. This user didn't see a sale in their future.

    8. This bio made a simple request.

    Her bio 😂👌🏻👌🏻 from Depop

    9. This knockoff looked pretty convincing.

    10. This Hello Kitty seemed to have lost her way.

    I searched up "wicca" and this was an item that came up. Honestly hate spam tagging lmfaooo from Depop

    11. Someone found the level of brazen confidence buyers have inspiring.

    I aspire to be as confident as girls on depop who message you asking for your £80 dress that you’ve worn once for £5 including postage

    12. Danny DeVito went down a new career path.

    someone on this app really models all their earrings on a picture of danny devito from Depop

    13. This seller lived her dreams of becoming a Disney Channel stylist.

    my favorite depop listing to date. a legend from Depop

    14. This haggler was nothing if not persistent.

    SOME buyers on depop are genuinely so annoying from Depop

    15. This listing proved honesty is the best policy.

    I love when sellers disclose the reason they’re selling something from Depop

    16. This seller forgot how deliveries work.

    Give me strength.. from Depop

    17. This buyer became an amateur zoologist.

    This made me kek thought i‘d share from Depop

    18. This pet owner had every right to brag.

    Lol this person made a post to show off their hamster and I'm not mad at it from Depop

    19. This accessory really turned heads.

    Her headdress really sells it. from Depop

    20. And finally, Ethan just really liked to party.

    The best listing I’ve come across today from Depop

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