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    23 Outfits I Can’t Believe We Let Disney Channel Get Away With

    So. Many. Layers.

    Back in the day, it seemed like Disney Channel characters had everything — secret music careers, magical powers, a hotel suite to call home.

    One thing no Disney Channel character had, however, was an actual sense of style.

    Some of the outfits, however, were on a whole different level of bad. So, without further ado, here are 23 outfits I still can't believe we let Disney Channel get away with.

    23. Raven Baxter's Lightning McQueen pants

    jeans with flames painted on them

    22. London Tipton's ballgown from Spirit Halloween

    London's gown looks like a My Chemical Romance wedding dress

    21. Sonny Munroe's vest corset

    Sonny wears a vest over a sparkly flannel and a tank top

    20. Hannah Montana's tiger striped fashion fiasco

    tiger striped shirt and star-printed skirt

    19. Alex Russo's Hot Topic tea party dress

    She's at a fancy party looking like she's going to a punk rock concert

    18. Teddy Duncan's layers and leopard print combo

    a vibrant leopard print jacket over a neon top with lacey fringe

    17. Sonny Munroe's Goth cupcake ensemble

    Sonny has a sequined crop sweater and an puffy skirt

    16. Gordo's two-toned shirt and paisley fedora

    Gordo wears a statin button up and a paisley hat that definitely don't match

    15. Tawni Hart's psychedelic second-grade teacher outfit

    Tawni has a tie dye skirt set and apple pendant necklace

    14. Raven Baxter's country get-up

    Raven has a fully cow-print cowgirl outfit

    13. Joe Jonas's Tenth Doctor cosplay

    long coat, scarf, and glasses

    12. Lizzie McGuire's patchwork top

    Lizzie's top is a bunch of mismatches squares

    11. Jake Ryan's zombie slayer outfit

    his shirt has a pattern like Black Widow's logo

    10. Alex Russo's ombre striped shirt and coordinating beanie

    her hat and shirt are like an ugly purple rainbow

    9. Hannah Montana's coat of many colors

    rainbow patch work leather jacket and shiny pants

    8. Cece Jones' British boy band-inspired fit

    acid wash skinny jeans and a distressed Union Jack t-shirt

    7. Justin Russo's hippy "bad boy" alter ego

    he wears Ozzy Osbourne glasses and a giant peace sign necklace

    6. Rocky Blue's shoulder bow

    Rocky has a jacket with a bow and pearl necklace

    5. Maddie Fitzpatrick's Sharpay-inspired turtleneck

    turtleneck short-sleeve blouse

    4. Kevin Jonas's striped cardigan

    a striped cardigan and mismatched t-shirt

    3. Teddy Duncan's sherpa vest and bell sleeves

    a fluffy vest over a shirt with huge sleeves over another shirt

    2. Alex Russo's funky hat

    a crochet beanie with a cap that matches her paisley shirt

    1. And finally, Lizzie McGuire's "What Dreams Are Made Of" ballgown that tore away into low-rise pants

    a very early 2000s longsleeve top and poofy skirt turns into leathery pants