27 Unsettling Images Of Abandoned Places That Show What The World Would Look Like After The Apocalypse

    Urban explorers are people who are brave enough to venture inside abandoned buildings. The pictures they share of their adventures are pure night terror fuel.

    Urban exploration — aka exploring abandoned manmade structures — always looks so cool in movies, like when Quentin and his friends search for Margo at the abandoned mall in Paper Towns...

    ...or when Grace takes Henry to the koi pond in an abandoned factory in Chemical Hearts.

    While it's not something I'd ever actually do IRL, the pictures taken by people who are brave enough to do it are equally cool and creepy.

    Here are 27 unsettling pictures taken inside abandoned places:

    1. This chilling scene from an abandoned hospital that still has power:

    Lights are on above an operation table, but the floor is cracked and covered in puddles of water, giving the scene a creepy, dystopian feel

    2. These carved president heads that were left in a field in rural Virgina:

    Several very large presidential busts are lined up side by side in a field

    3. This room filled with gas masks at Chernobyl:

    The gas masks are all piled up on top of each other, and it looks like there are hundreds of them

    4. This empty pool inside an abandoned Soviet mining settlement:

    a bleak room and a completely drained pool, covered in grime

    5. Inside this abandoned train:

    an old train car with graffiti covering the dusty seats and tables

    6. The birds' eye view from inside of this abandoned house:

    7. This school gym that was shut down right after prom:

    The gym's ceiling is still decorated, but it is otherwise empty except for two wheelchairs, giving it an eerie feeling

    8. The light show in this deserted cinema:

    The floor and seats of the theater are falling apart, while large holes in the ceiling cause the room to be bathed in light

    9. This abandoned Playboy mansion:

    10. This deserted woodland chapel:

    11. These old Soviet space shuttles that were left inside an old launch site in Kazakhstan:

    three pointy-noses rockets collect dust in an old warehouse

    12. This scene from an abandoned castle in France:

    greenery and graffiti have overtaken the ruins

    13. This fancy bathroom inside an old chateau:

    Old historic bathroom with checkerboard pattern on the floor and a large window.

    14. This warning someone left at the entrance of an abandoned mental hospital:

    A message drawn on the floor says "the roof is caving in at the top floor, be safe"

    15. This closed-down motel on Route 66:

    The empty front desk area looks like it was pulled directly out of the 1960s

    16. The shopping carts rusting inside an abandoned supermarket in the ghost town of Pripyat, Ukraine:

    shopping cart tipped over in dust outside.a crumbling grocery store

    17. This old tech haul that was preserved in a car left at an abandoned fairground:

    The trunk of a car covered in leaves is popped to reveal a pile of old tech that includes a typewriter, and two original XBox and PlayStation video game consoles

    18. This empty pool at a mansion that used to belong to a police chief in Mexico:

    empty pool and a large marble staircase surrounded by statues

    19. This old train that was left deep in the mountains:

    The train is covered in rust and graffiti and looks like it could tip over

    20. This unsettling scene from the Chernobyl exclusion zone:

    A single gas mask hangs from a hook

    21. This abandoned theme park in Turkey:

    a large plastic shark among other color debris

    22. This art that was left behind in the desert outside Roswell, New Mexico:

    Windows on the building are gone, the bricks are falling apart, and there's a mural drawn of an old timey plague doctor

    23. This waterlogged mall in Bangkok:

    water covers the floor of a shopping mall in ruins

    24. This pool in a deserted mansion:

    The pool has a thin layer of gross-looking dark liquid in the bottom

    25. This beach house that's now one with the shore:

    The house has been covered in sand to the point that the sand reaches halfway up the open doors

    26. This Italian church that was devoured by nature:

    The inside of the church is covered in plants and vines, to the point you can't even see the floor

    27. And finally, this house that was completely taken over by a century-old banyan tree:

    H/T: r/urbanexploration