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    10 Genius Products To Help Hot Sleepers Get Better Rest

    These clever solutions will make all your nights feel like cool ones.

    As a longtime hot sleeper, I understand firsthand how difficult it is to get quality z’s when it seems as though your body has a built-in sauna.

    Plus, in summer, sleep is bound to be even more sweaty and less comfortable. But by making a few changes to your sleeping setup, you can be on your way to a cooler snooze session in no time.

    1. An oscillating fan to keep your room cool

    Reviewer's photo of fan

    2. A lightweight down alternative comforter

    3. A tumbler to keep at your bedside

    4. A cooling memory foam pillow

    Pillow on bed

    5. A cooling blanket

    6. A set of cooling eucalyptus sheets


    7. A pair of blackout curtains

    8. A breathable coverlet for summer sleeping


    9. A BedJet cooling and warming system

    10. A set of bamboo pajamas

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