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16 Times Helping Your Kid With Their Homework Made You Say "I Need A Drink"

Common Core, FML.

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1. That look you give when your kid says they don't have homework:


2. When you're completely stumped by Common Core math:

guiltyglam1 / Via

3. When you need a little something to help get you through:

tulipandturnip / Via

4. But then you just end up embarrassing yourself:

At least it wasn't your wine. 😉
raincityparent / Via

At least it wasn't your wine. 😉

5. When you make the mistake of not checking your kid's work:

ilovemissimomo / Via

6. When you forget to check your kid's folder until Thursday night:

betty_the_mermaid / Via

7. And then you end up pulling an all-nighter to help them finish up:

rm_was_here / Via

8. When you have to help your kid prepare for spelling quizzes every week:

quesladykay / Via

9. When you don't understand how some things are considered "homework":

knnthorellana / Via

10. When you realize your kid is learning coping skills you should be using:

energyface / Via

11. When basic questions literally have you baffled:

adventureswithadrien / Via

12. And your reaction when you can't find the answer on Google:

krchesson / Via

13. When you try to interpret the teacher's notes:

colleen_kelsey / Via

14. When you have to keep a straight face while helping:

jambaylon / Via

15. When you are so proud of how creative you and your kid got:

aimzdurham / Via

16. And when you trust your kid to do their homework alone:

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