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    Updated on Mar 30, 2020. Posted on Apr 2, 2017

    15 Things You'll Only Understand If You're A Small-Town Mom


    1. You usually try to lump all your trips into the city together to make the drive worth your while.


    Like, if your kid has a doctor's appointment, you might as well hit up the mall while you're there.

    2. You have learned to always have at least a half tank of gas at all times.

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    And probably a spare can in your vehicle (just in case).

    3. It's always been pretty easy to find a babysitter because you have several relatives nearby.

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    Or neighbors who are pretty much like relatives.

    4. You totally shop at Walmart.

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    Hey, it's the closest thing to you and it has everything you need.

    5. There are always garage sales.


    And the whole town usually knows about them.

    6. Your family usually gets dinner at the local pizza place at least twice a month. / Via iknownothingcosplay

    It’s one of the three dining-out options you have.

    7. And whenever you go anywhere, you always run into other moms you know.


    Because of course you do.

    8. If your kids have a playdate, it's always at the same place.


    What? There's only one park in town.

    9. At least two of your other mom friends have a partner who drives a truck.

    10. You don't have to take your kids to the zoo to see a bunch of natural wildlife.

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    I mean, come on, you drive by deer and cows every day.

    11. You have mastered dirt-road driving with kids.


    Hey, it's super scary at first.

    12. Your kid is so used to your small town that when you go to "the city" they think you're traveling to some distant land.


    If you're being honest, they're pretty much right.

    13. You feel like your kid is safe if they run down the street to play at the neighbors.


    It's one of the best perks.

    14. Your kids will likely go to high school with the same classmates they had in kindergarten.


    And be on the same sports teams.

    15. Which means you'll be able to build the best bond with all your mom friends throughout the years.

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    Small-town mom BFFs for life.

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