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16 Times Shopping At The Grocery Store Made Parents Say, "I'm About To Pull My Hair Out!"

Parents are the real MVP.

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1. When they grab random crap and throw it in the cart when you're not looking.

lifewithsona / Via

2. And when they start eating the groceries before you buy them.

mumofonemasterofnone / Via

3. When they're too big, but still insist on riding in the cart.

4. When they decide to play pretend in the aisles.

5. When they are entranced by the tablet and you can feel the person behind you judging you.

6. When they knock over a display... and crash into a random person.

victorina2288 / Via

7. When they take up the entire cart, so you have to push a cart and carry a basket.

clefy_theartganta / Via

8. When they have to touch EVERYTHING.

syuliya7 / Via

9. When they all of a sudden forget how to walk.

10. When the baby gets upset because literal strangers are going goo-goo-ga-ga over them.

fixandflipdallas / Via

11. When they drop something.

elliot171 / Via

12. When they have a meltdown.

_workingmom_ / Via

13. You they won't allow you to push any other cart except this one.

tashhess / Via

14. When they decide to nap in the cart.

Torres / Via BuzzFeed

15. When they end up with sticky hands and your cart ends up with a couple half eaten apples in it.

ardentforlife / Via

16. And when you finally get home to unload everything.

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