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    The Eating Habits Of These 16 People Will Likely Offend Food Lovers


    1. Are there really people out there who eat popcorn one by one with chopsticks?

    2. And are parents really giving their kids Easy Cheese on cupcakes?

    3. Is it common to eat a kiwi like an apple?

    4. Or to eat a tomato like an apple?!

    5. Do people actually eat sub sandwiches like typewriters?

    6. Please, tell me: Do people really freeze a chunk of milk and put it on top of their cereal?

    7. And who dips shrimp in ranch dressing?

    8. Do people eat seafood on pizza now? Because apparently this dog does...

    9. And is peanut butter on a hot dog a thing now?

    10. What about mashed potatoes on waffles?

    11. What would possess someone to smash a Skittle before eating it?

    12. Since when do hard boiled eggs go with broccoli?

    13. Who even has time to only eat the inside of peas?

    14. Are people really into cereal on hotdogs these days?

    15. Why would anyone think wrapping plain bread around a banana is a tasty idea?

    16. Do people actually think cucumber and goat cheese are a great pair?

    17. And, OK, the cookie dough IS the best part...but do people really suck all the ice cream off and save the dough bites for the end?