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    15 Real AF Problems Only A Mom Could Have


    1. Knowing just how nerve-wracking making friends as a mom is:

    2. Feeling exhausted just from everyday tasks:

    3. Living life with poop literally anywhere and everywhere:

    4. Finding toys and random baby things (like socks) in your purse:

    kpescobar / Via Instagram: @kpescobar

    5. Feeling like a walking garbage bin:

    6. Literally never being able to keep your house clean, ever:

    kminassian / Via Instagram: @kminassian

    7. Accepting the fact that nothing is surprising anymore:

    8. Trying not to look exhausted 24/7:

    9. Realizing that your "plans" are never exciting:

    10. And also realizing sleep is a thing of the past:

    11. Having your shirt double as a tissue:

    12. Knowing your kid is inevitably up to no good:

    13. And also knowing that anything weird your kid does is actually normal because all kids are weird:

    14. Going a day without caffeine is impossible:

    15. And accepting the fact that you can still do all the things you used to do...but you might just pee your pants a little:

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