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    16 Parents Who Undeniably Made Their Kid's Day 100 Times Better

    Parents are the best.

    1. This dad who reminded his daughter just how much she means to him.

    2. This dad who took the family dog to a motorcycle event.

    3. These parents who made a legit at-home Blockbuster for their son.

    4. And this mom who made an in-home spa for her daughter.

    5. These parents who greeted their kid at the airport like this.

    6. This dad who knows free food is the best way to make his kid happy.

    7. And this mom who knows homemade cake that disses homework is a legit way to make her kid happy.

    8. These parents who made their couch feel ~homey~ for their son who just moved back in.

    9. This mom who belted out a classic song in public just to cheer up her kid.

    10. This mom and gma who make sure to never miss a game – no matter what.

    11. This dad who wanted his son to know he loves him unconditionally.

    12. And this dad who has been proud of his son's work at every age.

    13. This mom who reminded her kid (and their friends) to always look at the bright side of things.

    14. And this mom who wanted her kid to feel special – and know he's the favorite.

    15. This mom who rewarded her kid with tasty beverages for giving her a lift.

    el_chavez88 / Via

    16. And this mom who put this feel-good note on her daughter's door after she said she was feeling down.

    honeymoon_swoons / Via

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