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    Sep 14, 2016

    19 Old People Names That Make The Best Baby Names

    Old is the new new.

    1. Genevieve

    A75 / Getty Images

    This little Genie ain't in a bottle, baby.

    2. Irving

    Creatista / Getty Images

    A serving of Irving is all you need.

    3. Fern

    Giorgiomtb1 / Getty Images

    Fern can't fight the feeling.

    4. Marshall

    Creatista / Getty Images

    Marshall matters. Not to be confused with Marshall Mathers.

    5. Beatrice

    Nayomiee / Getty Images

    Bea, for real?

    6. Oliver

    Dejankrsmanovic / Getty Images

    Gee golly, Ollie, get your finger outta your nose!

    7. Willa

    Photobac / Getty Images

    Willa she be a paleontologist?

    8. Leonard

    Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

    Leo on the reg.

    9. Marjorie

    Ocskaymark / Getty Images

    Major Marjorie.

    10. Otto

    A75 / Getty Images

    He Otto be good at just about everything.

    11. Adelaide

    Nayomiee / Getty Images

    Peace out, Addie.

    12. Booker

    Dubassy / Getty Images

    Booker be bookin' all the best gigs.

    13. Pearl

    Stockbyte / Getty Images

    Pearl is your girl.

    14. Warren

    Digital Vision. / Getty Images

    Warren doesn't need to be wearin' much to look cute.

    15. Nora

    Tatyanagl / Getty Images

    She Nora something you don't.

    16. Murray

    Studio-annika / Getty Images

    Murray your magnificent magician.

    17. Naomi

    Christopher Robbins / Getty Images

    Naomi translates to bling.

    18. Norman

    Big Cheese Photo / Getty Images

    Norm is the norm.

    19. Josephine

    Creatista / Getty Images

    Oh, Jo Jo! I know, I know!

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