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    13 Sad People Who Tried Being Mastermind Pranksters, But Failed Miserably


    1. This mom made chocolate chip cookies with salt, black pepper, and cayenne. Her son responded, "Mom, these are better than the last cookies you made."

    allisonbaird43 / Via Instagram: @allisonbaird43

    2. And this dad tried to make his daughter think he slashed her tires, but gave away the joke.

    24butterflykisses / Via Instagram: @24butterflykisses

    3. This poor kid tried to scare his dad by jumping up from the trash can, but got crushed instead.

    4. This wife put toothpaste in between cookies and her husband didn't even notice.

    froeselindsay / Via

    5. This mom tried to make her daughter think she was pregnant, even though she was going through menopause.

    peculiar_blonde / Via Instagram: @peculiar_blonde

    6. This mom tried to put cling wrap in front of the door, but her kid just pushed it aside and walked through.

    momgame / Via Instagram: @momgame

    7. And this girl actually used foil instead of cling wrap.

    8. This dad shot all the water at himself instead of his daughter in this prank.

    9. This kid tried to pretend he was in jail, but forgot you can't bring your cell phone with you.

    divabeticxx / Via Instagram: @divabeticxx

    10. This girl couldn't get The Office Jell-O prank to work.

    swishtine / Via Instagram: @swishtine

    11. This guy poured salt in a water bottle, but didn't realize he left tons of salt around the top.

    12. This guy who gave away his own RickRoll joke on Facebook.


    13. And this mom's fake bug prank didn't scare her daughter at all.

    shandy_9 / Via Instagram: @shandy_9