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21 Incredibly Funny Memes From Your Baby

"Your real name isn't mom?!"

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1. "Hi, mommy and daddy. Just wanted to start things off by being honest."

2. "Get over it, mom."

3. "I give the best gifts."

4. "Are you going to start our relationship by lying to me?!"

5. "Help!"

6. "I do what I want."

7. "I said, I don't want another sibling!"

8. "You can't fool me."

9. "Thanks for all you do, guys."

10. "I have goals, too, you know."

11. "What happened?!"

12. "They are the best, really."

13. "Leave me and my friend alone."

14. "I'm sorry in advance."

15. "These games aren't funny."

16. "It's just a rough estimate."

17. "'Goo goo gaa gaa' was only entertaining the FIRST time."

18. "You are so silly."

19. "Let's talk things over, mmkay?"

20. "I've got to stop making myself laugh."

21. "No more tickling!"

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