16 Pregnancy Hacks That Are Sheer Genius

    Nine months never went by so fast.

    1. If you have swollen pregnancy feet, soak them in tonic water.

    Cold or room-temperature tonic water reduces swelling in feet and ankles. The quinine reduces inflammation and the bubbles soothe sore feet.

    2. Make your own electrolyte solution freezie pops to help prevent nausea.

    3. Use a hair tie or rubber band as an expander for your jeans.

    4. Use an inner tube if you want to sleep on your belly.

    5. Eat six dates a day to help induce natural labor.

    6. Use kinesio tape to relieve discomfort during your pregnancy.

    This tape helps lift the skin and promote better blood circulation. Check out Diary of a Fit Mommy for a breakdown of ways the sports tape can help with pain.

    7. Stick your bra in the freezer if you find yourself hot all the time.

    8. If Tums aren't working, try drinking some apple cider vinegar to help reduce heartburn.

    9. Relieve muscle cramps with some prenatal yoga.

    10. Make your own belly band to cover up jeans that you can no longer button. It will also add length to your tops.

    11. Get yourself a grabber or a pair of tongs to help reach things.

    12. Alleviate back pain with an exercise ball.

    13. Buy "bra-back extenders" and wear the bras you already own instead of buying maternity bras.

    14. If you have cramps, try eating a banana or drinking some electrolyte water.

    Low potassium and decreased levels of electrolytes can cause cramping.

    15. Use an ice pack strap to help hold up a heavy baby bump.

    16. And, finally, use your bump as a table for your snacks.