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    16 Kids Whose Eating Habits Will Make You Lose Your Damn Mind

    The horror!

    1. This kid who has to eat his bologna over a fresh bed of Apple Jacks.

    2. And this kid who has to eat his crackers on the toilet seat...and only one bite per cracker.

    3. This kid who likes a little ketchup filling in his bagel.

    4. And this kid who has to have ketchup on their oatmeal.

    5. This kid who takes a no-hands approach to corn on the cob, served only on the floor.

    6. And this kid who also takes a no-hands approach, but on the coffee table instead.

    7. This kid who eats watermelon in a hotdog bun.

    8. And this kid who eats cheese and pickles in a taco shell.

    9. This kid who dips french fries in milk.

    10. This kid who bites a burrito all wrong.

    11. And this kid who thinks this is how you eat a mandarin orange.

    12. This kid who eats gummy bears from his toes.

    13. This kid who only eats the tips of candy corn.

    14. This kid who eats spoonfuls of butter plain.

    15. This kid who actually eats homework.

    16. And this kid who eats tennis balls.