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    14 Things You're Too Scared To Ask But Really Want To Know About Boobs And Pregnancy

    Sexually stimulated nipples = milk.

    Dr. Mary Jane Minkin, MD – a clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine – has helped answer some of our most curious questions about getting pregnant, childbirth, and just being pregnant in general. So, of course, she was our go-to person for facts about boobs during and after pregnancy.

    1. Your boobs might get lumpy.

    2. And your nipples might get larger and darker.

    3. Some women's nipples also get hairy.

    4. During pregnancy, colostrum can leak from your boobs – after pregnancy, actual milk can leak from your boobs.

    5. And a hot shower – or sexual stimulation – could make your boobs leak A LOT.

    6. Expect your boobs to get itchy.

    7. And some people get stretch marks on their boobs.

    8. It is very common for nipples to chafe during breastfeeding.

    9. Your boobs can produce different tasting breast milk, depending on what you eat.

    10. The veins on your boobs will be more prominent.

    11. One boob can get larger than the other, and one boob can produce more milk that the other.

    12. Your boobs will hurt when your milk dries up.

    13. And after your milk dries up, your boobs will likely shrink.

    14. All boobs make milk during pregnancy...and some people can make milk even if they aren't pregnant.