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    19 No-Brainer Hacks That'll Make Your Home Really Organized

    Easy breezy.

    1. Organize the area under your sink with wire baskets and extension rods.

    See Dreaming in DIY for the full instructions.

    2. Organize your eye shadows with ice cube trays.

    3. Create a DIY trash bag dispenser.

    Simply use a paper towel holder. If you want a customized one, use a wooden dowel and install curtain rod hooks to the wall.

    4. Use a desktop file sorter to store cutting boards inside your kitchen cabinet.

    5. Get the most out of your condiments while keeping them organized with empty egg cartons.

    6. Save room in your closet by putting pool noodles in your boots so they don't slouch over.

    7. DIY a storage shelf in your trunk.

    8. Attach a roll of cork board to the inside of your cabinet to hang measuring cups and recipes.

    9. Hang baskets in the bathroom to store towels.

    10. Install hooks on the side of your dresser to hang accessories.

    11. Use a magazine holder to organize canned food.

    12. Keep your clutches organized with a lid rack.

    13. Use wire wall baskets to store your kid's stuffed animals and toys.

    14. Get a bedskirt organizer to hide clutter.

    15. Attach magnets to the bottom of plastic containers for easy, self-serve breakfast portions.

    16. Use a towel rack to hang pots and pans.

    17. Hang a file box in your bathroom to store your curling iron or blow dryer.

    18. Create a magnetic spice rack on the refrigerator to save room in your cabinet.

    19. Use hanging shoe organizers and shoe shelves to declutter your closet.