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    16 Dads Who Are Just Livin' Their Best Dad Life

    "SpongeBob starts at 6 a.m., wake your ass up."

    1. The dad who made this shocking revelation:

    2. The dad who learned just how honest his kid was:

    3. The dad who ended up in the line of fire:

    4. The dad who realized his sous chef cooked a little differently:

    5. The dad who got tired of guessing:

    6. The dad who discovered the importance of SpongeBob:

    7. The dad who apparently can't harm a fly:

    8. The dad who probably ended up shaving his chest:

    9. The dad who made sure he left the house with everything:

    10. The dad who loves sports, but also enjoys a good tutu:

    11. The dad who figured out what good taste in music was:

    12. The dad who just did what he had to do:

    13. The dad who gave Elsa a ride around town:

    14. The dad who became aware of these positive benefits:

    15. The dad who learned about pumpkin patches the hard way:

    16. And the dad who finally figured out how to get his kid to sleep:

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