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    13 Of The Most Exciting Pieces Of Food You Can Get

    They just do.

    1. The middle cinnamon roll.

    mywoosah / Via

    2. Any snack that is stuck together.

    smeebot / Via

    3. Frozen Thin Mints.

    sdotlopes / Via

    4. The ~fatter~ Cheetos.

    jayyywaterfish / Via

    5. And the ~folded~ chips.

    candlebizmoms / Via

    6. The piece of cake with writing or flowers on it.

    7. Reese's when they're shaped like eggs.

    seasonedreview / Via

    8. And candy corn when they're shaped like pumpkins.

    sethrainwater / Via

    9. The most yellow popcorn pieces.

    cindy_g_312 / Via

    10. Sandwiches without crusts.

    midwestgirl01 / Via

    11. Chewable, nugget ice like what they serve at Sonic Drive-In.

    stephied44 / Via

    12. Candy in ~chewy~ form, like Sprees and Sweettarts.

    whimsicalfart / Via

    13. And, finally, Ranch dressing from restaurants is THE BEST.

    glaw2014 / Via