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    16 Married Couples Who Might Be Divorced When This Pandemic Ends

    "My husband has picked up the hobby of whistling..."

    Since the coronavirus pandemic began, married people have been making a lot of jokes on Twitter about being locked up with their spouses.

    on pace to be the first covid-19 related divorce

    So here are 16 husbands and wives who are hilariously on the brink of calling it quits:

    1. This wife whose husband got her online classes shut down:

    my wife was doing a webcast for her pre-k class but YouTube shut it down for copyright infringement because I was watching WrestleMania VI in the background

    2. This wife who had really high hopes for her marriage, until she realized how annoying her husband is:

    Day 1: This is going to be so great we’ll be able to do some real bonding Today: I swear if you breathe like that one more fucking time I will burn this place to the ground

    3. And this wife who is dealing with this on a daily basis:

    If my husband doesn't stop singing "M-m-m-myyyyy Corona" he is going to have bigger problems on his hands than a worldwide pandemic.

    4. This couple who were caught in the middle of an argument during online schooling:

    Man arguing with his wife during lecture 😂

    5. This husband who is starting to realize how unfairly he is being treated right now:

    Me: *eating chips in bed* Husband: I thought you said no eating in the bed. Me: We live in a different world now. Husband: So, I can- Me: *interrupts* No.

    6. This wife who is noticing all the gross things about her husband:

    Quarantine Day 2, Hour 689- I’ve become very aware of my husband’s toenails and I’d like to be voted off the island now.

    7. This husband who is about to figure out where all of their money is going:

    Husband: Just think how much money we’re saving by staying at home. Me: *shopping online* Mmm hmmm, sure seems that way.

    8. This wife who isn't going to put up with this nonsense much longer:

    One of my favorite Quarantine hobbies is to interrupt my wife’s Lifetime movies with loud annoying noises and having her yell at me to shut up. @lifetimetv #QuaratineLife #Covid_19 #SaturdayMotivation

    9. And this wife who has been putting up with whistling:

    Day 11: my husband has picked up the hobby of whistling.

    10. This couple who can't come to an agreement on who will leave the house for essentials:

    My wife and I are arguing about who is the head of the house because neither of us want to go out to do the groceries.

    11. This wife who is going to have to start rationing food in order to not starve:

    [Day 1 Of Lockdown] Wife: *sitting down to dinner* What’s this? Me: A delicious plate of Cheeto’s Wife: Me: I ate everything else already

    12. This husband who is going to get real sick of pointless fights:

    Day 9 of self-quarantine — seems like a good time to revive my long-standing feud with husband over crown mounding.

    13. And this husband who is going to get real sick of being the technical support guy on a daily basis:

    My husband hates his new job as my IT guy.

    14. This wife who is watching her adult husband act like a 5-year-old day after day:

    My husband just put 27 marshmallows in his mouth and is proudly grinning at me with his marshmallow face. I wonder if you can get divorced via skype

    15. This wife whose husband's video game habit is about to resurface:

    I haven’t played video games since undergrad but for some reason I’m arguing with my wife about the necessity of an Xbox for quarantine 😂.

    16. And this wife who just discovered her husband likes peas in his tacos:

    Day 10: the husband asked for peas in his tacos. Divorce is inevitable.

    Being single is sounding pretty good right now!

    Single people watching to see whether all of our coupled friends get pregnant or divorced during this quarantine