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    15 Downright Hilarious Ways To Hide Your Snacks From The World

    You're gonna want to bookmark this.

    1. Hide a "fun size" treat in your bun.

    2. Use your tampon box as a safe for your snacks.

    3. And go ahead and use your pads as well.

    4. Make a secret M&Ms dispenser out of a coffee cup.

    5. If you're really committed, hide them in your bra.

    6. Or hide them in a completely non-suspicious frozen meat package.

    7. Put your snacks up so high that even you need tongs to reach them.

    8. Put them in the boring old bathroom drawer.

    9. Master the art of peeling fruit and filling them with treats.

    10. If you want to be super clever, hide them in a wig.

    11. Keep them hidden in your coffee maker.

    12. Use masks to keep scavengers out of your snack-filled purse.

    13. Create a secret compartment for your cookies.

    14. Hide your snacks in a microbiology text book.

    15. Or – if that's too much work – just hide them behind a book.