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Moms Are Sharing Photos Of Their Postpartum Bodies And It's 100% Accurate And Real

The reality of life after pregnancy.

The Instagram account, @takebackpostpartum is an uplifting page created to show the realities of post-baby life.

The page features women who share photos of their bodies after pregnancy, and it's uniting moms everywhere.

The "mom" moments captured in the photos are so relatable and so real.

And some mothers' experiences are not what you think, so it also serves as a community for moms to not feel alone.

Several women suffer from postpartum depression.

The page shows moms truly are some of the strongest people out there.

The physical changes are reminders of what our bodies are capable of – bringing new life into this world.

Every emotion of motherhood is beautifully captured in these images, from the highs…

So, to all the moms out there: you are amazing!

And, even though our bodies change, looking down and seeing those chunky little rolls make it all worth it (whether that be the baby's – or our own. 😉)

You can follow takebackpostpartum on Instagram.