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    16 Of The Most Off-The-Wall Excuses People Used For Being Late That Turned Out To Be True

    Our late slip for class read, "School bus blew up."

    Excuses. We've all got them and we've all used them. Today we are talking about those "tardy to class" excuses. Reddit user u/minecraftplayer48 asked teachers to share the best excuses students used for being late that ended up being true. Turns out all kinds of people had stories. Here are some of the best ones...

    1. "Student told me he got pulled over by the cops for wobbly driving on his bike and they thought he was drunk. Turned out he was just dodging all the slugs on the street."


    2. "When I was student teaching, I was late because there were a bunch of chickens in the middle of the road. They wouldn't move at all. This is in the middle of a city of 200,000 people. Freaking chickens."

    "I finally get to school and profusely apologize to my mentor teacher and I told her why I was late thinking it sounded ridiculous. She said, 'Yeah, those chickens are fucking assholes. They surrounded my car in the McDonald's parking lot last year. Don't worry about it."


    getty image of chicken in the road

    3. "Student told me, 'MTV paid me $200 to fill my backpack with cement and carry it around for the day.' I accepted that excuse. The student later regretted it, because a replacement backpack and college textbooks far exceeded $200. But, he got his moment of fame and I didn’t penalize him for his tardy."


    4. "I was training a new hire at a job and the guy came in 45 minutes late stating that he got halfway to work and realized he didn't have shoes on. It was winter and like 15 degrees Fahrenheit outside."


    A pair of feet in the snow

    5. "School sporting event. A kid on our team was late because someone stole his windshield wipers and it was snowing out. He kept having to pull over to the side of the road and wipe off his windshield."


    6. "A guy in my college class missed class one day. The next day he came in with his eye covered up and medical paperwork in hand. Apparently, he got pecked in the eye by a chicken."


    stock image of a man with eye patch

    7. "I was one of about 20 kids who were late to school. We showed up at the school office as a group and when questioned why we were late, we said, 'The school bus blew up.' There were many conferences between the teachers, all of them thinking we embellished the story. Next thing you know, one of the admin staff has the news website open with a very obvious image of an entire bus on fire with a bunch of kids in our school uniform standing in front of it. Our late slip for class read, 'School bus blew up.'"


    8. "When I ran a pre-school, one of my teaching assistants didn't show up one day. The next day they came in and said, 'Sorry I missed yesterday, my friend shot my mom.' Naturally, I was a little speechless. Then they said, 'Oh no, it's OK, he was AIMING FOR SOMEONE ELSE.'"


    stock image of shocked face

    9. "There was a bear in my backyard. No access gate. Animal control had to tranquilize it from the room and drag it through the house. It made the news and I got to retake the test I missed after sending her the news article."


    10. "When I was the student, my neighbor had a really social goat who figured out how to escape her pen in order to come over and hang out. She escaped and followed me to the bus stop, and when the bus came, she tried to follow me onto it. I couldn't actually get on the bus without her being right behind me, so I had to get off, bring her home, and call my dad to bring me to school."


    stock image of goat

    11. "The excuse was: 'I'm pink.' A fair-skinned student (age 10) went with a friend to the Holi festival at a nearby Hindu temple where she was covered with red powder and dyed bright red from head to toe. Her mother, another teacher at the school, had made her sit for hours in the bathtub to soak it off, but even after another round of early morning shower scrubbing, she arrived at school a pleasant shade of pink."


    12. "We had an exam in my class and the teacher got a message from a student saying that he was going to be late because his car had a flat tire (the student was known to party). The teacher didn't think it could be true, so as a joke the teacher asked him to bring the tire back. He brought the flat tire back in the middle of the exam."


    stock image of flat tire

    13. "A friend said his house blew away — and it did. From a tornado."


    14. "A kid missed my first period class one morning, but was in school later that day. When I asked him why he hadn't arrived in time for my course, he said his cow was birthing its calf that morning, so he'd picked being in the barn over English. Made sense to me. His essays weren't going to win any ribbons at the county fair, but his calf could."


    stock image of cows

    15. "In my hometown, if you walked into anywhere late and said the phrase, 'Sorry, grain train' you were never challenged. It was extremely common for 50+ carriage trains to run through the middle of town."


    16. And, lastly, this wholesome excuse: "I had a six-year-old turn up late to her lesson and blurt out, 'Sorry I was late, I had to color in a bunny!' Seems fair."


    little kid coloring

    What's the wildest excuse you had to use for being late that was actually true?! Tell us in the comments!!