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    19 Honestly Funny Things That Could Only Happen To A Teacher

    Like wine getting spilled on homework.

    1. Having to send this explanation home to the parents:

    Torres / Via BuzzFeed

    2. Watching your student write with this:

    jwebster12 / Via

    3. Getting homework turned in with notes from the parents:

    4. Or getting homework turned in without any names:

    5. Having no erasers left on any pencil in your classroom:

    kristinehunt0720 / Via

    6. Taking things away from students:

    muscles_n_mascara / Via

    7. Also confiscating these:

    mskimart3 / Via

    8. Having your student spell your name ("Mrs. Hall") wrong:

    letty57 / Via

    9. Getting drawings of yourself from your students:

    luluj83 / Via megs654321

    10. Cleaning out the mystery contents of your classroom cabinet:

    igniting_sparks / Via

    11. Or cleaning up a mess from prank day:

    aprilqd82 / Via

    12. Getting presumptuous notes like these:

    megs654321 / Via

    "Dear Adele's teacher, I was helping Adele with her homework yesterday and she couldn't understand it. She says she doesn't understand how to add money very well. She told me she asked you for help but was ignored. I'd appreciate it if you helped her out a little. Thank you, Adele's older sister :-("

    13. Receiving Get Well cards like this:

    14. Seeing your students make a Jenga game out of Pez candies during your lecture:

    wynne_ptrain_posey / Via

    15. Having to scrub a student's graffiti off a desk:

    Twitter: @JaneOSullivan5

    Yes, that says, "Boobies."

    16. Cleaning out the pencil sharpener:

    17. Typing up a classroom rule guide:

    18. Cleaning up after grade schoolers:

    19. And getting answers like this to homework questions: